In the beginning of time, there was one beginning shit. This shit was Holy shit, shit by none other than Michael Trumph himself.

This shit is holy shit, shit from the very ass of a god.
Dude, look at that pile of holyshit!
by Ryan foland August 25, 2008
Name of a Orthodox Christian Saint, Saint Coprius of Palestine. (Agios Kopros)

The Feast-Day of "Holy Shit" is September 24th
Holy Shit, Intercede to God for Us!
by Anonymous3 July 03, 2006
What you say when you see Paul's hair when he parts it.
HOLY SHIT! Paul's hair is so gross when parted! I want to vomit.
by Pseudonym January 22, 2005
Kyles penis <33333
I wanna hump holy shit!
by Stephy April 18, 2005
kyle's penis <33333 ..
Stephy wants to hump holy shit!
by Stephy April 18, 2005

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