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Holy Shit comes from the Holy Cow of India. It could therefore be inferred as a blessing, making Shit a holy word.
"Holy Shit! Here comes Mongo!"
by Nikomaruhito July 10, 2008
when the woman does not want anal sex but the man does. He performs the sneak attack and sticks his penis into her ass when she is not expecting causing her to yell Holy Shit!
Jenna did not want to do anal, but i did. So i gave her the Holy Shit.
by Jet Lewis March 17, 2008
what the priest said to the nun when she announced that she was Jewish!
"I have a announcement to make, I'm Jewish"
by goooomer December 18, 2004
a guy in a tight pink suit with a tutu on is roller blading on your grass while mowing your lawn

wats your reaction?
holy shit wat the fuck is your problem?
by yasminedakhama July 10, 2008
when one produces a loud shit fart in church
Blaz: oh wow! Did megan jus have a holy shit?
by JPX4D September 26, 2006
Name of a Orthodox Christian Saint, Saint Coprius of Palestine. (Agios Kopros)

The Feast-Day of "Holy Shit" is September 24th
Holy Shit, Intercede to God for Us!
by Anonymous3 July 03, 2006
simply the funniest phrase ever.


Holy shit!

by Dr. Ren_Ayanami, Ph.D January 27, 2005