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To enter a church for the sole purpose of moving one's bowels.
Sorry I'm late. Damn bean burritos! I had to stop over at St. Colin's and take a holy shit on the way over.
by Kaptain Krinkly November 15, 2009
3 4
Holy-shit: shit from God's own ass. (Or Jesus, Allah, Vishnu etc etc) often used to exclaim surprise.
"That man has a penis on his forhead!"
by Stabby3721 July 10, 2006
8 9
An expression by which some people identify their deity.
"I saw you come out of a church Sunday."

"Holy shit!"
by Downstrike May 29, 2004
40 41
When a man gets so drunk that he cant remember what happened the night before and shits his pants... therby waking up the next morning with shit in is pantsand not knowing were it came from and assuming it was an act of god.
Dude! i woke up this morning with some holy shit in my pants!!
by # 1 raider fan February 14, 2009
5 7
when the woman does not want anal sex but the man does. He performs the sneak attack and sticks his penis into her ass when she is not expecting causing her to yell Holy Shit!
Jenna did not want to do anal, but i did. So i gave her the Holy Shit.
by Dale P. Johnson August 24, 2007
25 27
When something is really stupid or shocking
Starr Jones is wearing something with a zipper! Holy Shit!
by Undercover, Mushroom February 01, 2009
2 5
Holy Shit comes from the Holy Cow of India. It could therefore be inferred as a blessing, making Shit a holy word.
"Holy Shit! Here comes Mongo!"
by Nikomaruhito July 10, 2008
3 6