A term said in amazement, came from a man who laughed so hard he shitted his pants. When he saw this shit the next day he said "Holy" Shit
Holy Shit Jay, That is freaking crazy!!
by Jay Doshi October 05, 2006
Expresses a mixture of extreme fear/awe/surprise.

Often a stronger use of the word "shit".
*sees a huge stream of bomber-planes moving towards them* "Holy shit!!!" *runs*
by Mr. Zed September 10, 2006
Reverential incantation of a universal religious concept:
See shit happens for a better explanation.
by FridgeRaider September 27, 2004
In a literal sense, it is simply shit with holes in it.

Can theoretically be made by:

1: Performing anal sex on someone who's full of it causing one's dick to poke holes in their shit before they squeeze them out.

2:Finding some pre-defecated monster turds and shooting holes in it with a bb gun.
1. I fucked that slut in the ass so hard she had holy shit!

2. I'm so bored, I'd go out behind WalMart and shoot craps with a bb gun if I had one. And I don't mean with dice either. I wanna convert some feces into holy shit!
by Mick the Dick September 20, 2011
exsperion said when surpized, scared or amazed.
alos can be used to refer to shit of some religous relivance
1) A pope goes to the bathroom, this is considered holy shit.

2) Holy shit! Chuck Norris counted to infinity for a thrid time!?!
by mike!@ November 22, 2007
A bowel defication which was excreted whilst reading the bible on the throne.
person 1: I'm having problems with my rubbery old turdhole, I dont seem to be able to take the cosbies to the pool anymore...

Person 2: Try reading the bible whilst summonsing the poo demons, I read exodus and instantly went for a holy shit. Praise the lord :)
by bennycnz February 01, 2011
An expression by which some people identify their deity.
"I saw you come out of a church Sunday."

"Holy shit!"
by Downstrike May 29, 2004
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