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A penis(i.e. the cock, dick, shlong, one-eyed monster, whatever other 1000's of names you may call it).
(Three gay Catholic priests and the local gay Catholic bishop are preparing for a four-man sex orgy in a secret chamber in the church)

Bishop O'Brien: Alright brothers, gather round and recite the opening verse of our little holy love ritual. *unzips his pants and sticks out his penis from underneath his robe*
Three gay priests:(in unison and in an incanted singing voice) And-may-the-Looord-blesss-thyyy-hooo-lyy-muss-cle-of-loooo-ooooove!
*all three priests then anoint the bishop's penis with holy water and begin taking turns giving him oral sex*

Mark H. Peddling sexual innuendo on UrbanDictionary since Februrary 2004
by Mark H September 30, 2004
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