A Name of a Orthodox Christian Saint...Saint Coprius (Holy Crap), Agios Kopros
Holy Crap, Intercede to God for Me!
by Anonymous3 July 03, 2006
Top Definition
1. a phrase used to suggest that something is unbelievable or shocking.
1. Frank Barone shouted "holy crap" when Marie thought Robbie was homosexual.
by MiStErMaN802 March 17, 2006
The more socially acceptable form of "holy shit," often used by shows such as Family Guy to slip past the FCC.
Prison Inmate: Holy crap! That sure was an excellent anal adventure, wouldn't you say so, Nick Carter?

Nick Carter: Holy crap, that hurt.
by Bubba December 12, 2004
A once-common exclaimation popularized by Strong Bad, the EMail answerer of homestarrunner.com
"People knockig on heaven's door-HOLY CRAAAAAAAP!"

"I have come back from the dead to take-wha-Holy Craaap......"

"Holy Crap! Somebody get this freakin' duck away from me!"
by Zak April 28, 2003
Expressing a mixture of extreme emotions such as fear, surprise or happiness.
Gina: How was your work out today?

Brad: Holy Crap, it was impossible. Holy Crap, I can barely walk. My quads are killing me...Holy Crap!

Gina: What is your work out like tomorrow?

Brad: Holy Crap, I don't know...I'm afraid to look. Holy Crap!

Gina: You look buff

Brad: Holy Crap, I'm getting stronger and more fit. Holy Crap, I can notice a difference already. Holy Crap!
by G.love May 08, 2013
An exclamation of extreme surprise, or fear.
by MenkehMan! June 19, 2003
a piece of poop worthy for a God
This is surely a holy crap.
The contense of God's toilet.
Something you get detention for saying.
An exclamation.
Father Tenneant, does God make holy craps?
Holy crap, that's a lot of homework! DETENTION, YOUNG LADY!!
by Highly Functioning Pancake May 09, 2015
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