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A word commonly used when something goes terribly wrong.Or used as an exclamation when some idiotic person does something stupid etc.
Holy cheese!! what are you doing you ungrateful asshole that was my piece of cheese!!Said Mark in anger.

Hmmmm delicious cheese said Simon.Simon breaks out into song,Cheese is a kind of meat a tasty yellow beef i milk it from my teet i try to be discreet mmmmm cheese mmmmm cheese.

You asshole! shouted Mark and ran away in despair.
by Quiquage September 12, 2005
A way to express extreme astonishment.
An expression of utter shock.
holy cheese! dan is so sexy!
by Limecooler June 03, 2005
Used in place of Holy Shit
Holy cheese! She's looser than your mom is!
by Bob the Hairy Monkey February 09, 2005

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