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Holons: best guy you will ever find. He has trusting issues and may be mysterious at times. He will call you beautiful and then call someone else gorgeous. He is against girls wearing make up and yet he will say that the girl who wears make up is beautiful. Even though he does not trust other people he is very trustworthy.
Random Person: Holons are equivilent to Chuck Norris enough said.
by nooneyouknow113 July 05, 2011
A city in Israel, that nobody has ever heard of! A few small Rock bands have used the name but thats about it. One woman is unfortunate enough to have it as her first name, but hasnt yet heard of any other idots to give such a horid name to a child!
A holon (Greek: holos, "whole") is something that is simultaneously a whole and a part. The word was coined by Arthur Koestler in his book The Ghost in the Machine (1967, p. 48).
by Holon Richards July 15, 2008

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