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Area near Stockport for the rich and famous, this area (commonly know as Woodford) is renown for it drug fueled crime, wealth and it’s 3 pubs. Many people have said Hollywoodford is the capital of Stockport, some say its the unofficial capital of the UK and others have even gone as far as to suggest that God was born there.

It is common knowledge that the position known as Wolfbacking started in Hollywoodford. Along with this many other inventions were discovered here such as the wheel, trains, calendars, fizzy drinks, bald people, oxygen and the skill commonly known to people as "thought".
Jim: "Lets roll mob deep in Hollywoodford pick up some wolfbacking bitches"

Andrew: "Yeah bitch, Hollywoodford is a sweet hood mother fucker"
by Manheim July 27, 2006
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