To do a line fo cocaine off of someones erect penis.
"Hey dude last night I was at a party with Lindsay Lohan and she did a hollywood on Joe Rogan!"
by pedro-sanchez January 04, 2008
1. Name given to one who is extremely attractive.

2. A sarcastic nickname for one is unreasonably vain. Especially effective when used on a man who constantly checks his reflection.
1. Looking good, Hollywood.
by somestupidkid August 15, 2005
The LA neighborhood: the home of the homeless, currently in the process of gentrification

also used to describe the US film industry, which at one time was based in the Los Angeles neighborhood of the same name. nowadays the term is inaccurate because there haven't been too many films actually made in hollywood in years, in fact there are more films made in Vancouver than in all of L.A.
You're more likely to see street people hitting you up for meth money in Hollywood than any movie stars.

by Rattus cattus September 14, 2006
the meaning of having everything. cars, girls, money, fame, fortune.

as Jose Canseco once said, "I had it all, the girls, the cars, the fame, the money, I was HOLLYWOOD."
by Doobie Miles August 30, 2006
A big line of cocaine.
A line that is big enough for all the people that may be in the room, yet it is only going up one nostril.
Referring to the famous cokeheads residing in Hollywood.
"wooooo that's a hollywood!!!!!.....oh my god someone call 911"
by beautiful scorpio July 31, 2005
The craziest, most dramatic, adventurous, ever changing city in the world. It's the entertainment capital of the world for film, television, music, and more. It's the home for many celebrities. And if you don't want to watch a soap opera on TV, just do to Hollywood. You're bound to find, drama, humor, and every breed of craziness known to man.
Hollywood here I come! Lets go crazy!
by Entertianment Guru July 10, 2008
N. Drama
V. to create Drama
Adj. to dramatize
John boy went hollywood last night, he's totally trippin over his ex cheatin on him. cried on my shoulder for hours

Shelly hollywooded tony a couple days back, I couldn't believe that she would actually say something like that about the ultimate nice guy
by Baron_pFB=UTK= October 11, 2005
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