Butt sex
Bubba: Bend over boy and get your Hollywood.
Timmy: My anus is bleeding, this isn't what I paid for.
by mouse51 October 05, 2009
A name for someone who acts "high and mighty" or "high-falutin", someone who thinks that they are better than everyone else and has no time to associate with people.
"Do you know Chris, the star of the football team?"

"Yea, that nigga hella hollywood"
by Princess La-La October 28, 2007
Someone who gives their word that they will do something, but then take it back. Also, someone who never will never go out with a group of people because he/she always has something else to do.
Beth told me she was coming out tonight, but I just called her and she's Hollywooding us now.
by Eli B. August 13, 2007
A nickname for someone who is constantly on their cell phone, either talking or texting.
"Hollywood over here's been talking on his phone all day."
by Sam_R_I March 04, 2008
1. A district in the middle of the city of Los Angeles, California whos icons include the Hollywood sign, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Graumann's Chinese Theater and the Kodak Theater. The neighborhood is currently under gentrification.

2. A coloquile term used to identify any famous personality wheather possesing talent or not.

3. A far-left, socialist, immoral, arrogant, self-rightous, antiamerican, activist, cesspool culture composed of ignorant, irrational, mindless degenerates, addicts and neanderthals that make their living glorifying debauchery, sex, violence and vulgarity while despising religion, morality, family values and basically anything considered decent by most people. Most of its rich and elite can be frequently seen in rehab.
Hollywood is the epitome of debauchery and corruption in America and partially responsible for America's moral decay. Hollywood is probably the reason most of the world hates us.
by krock1dk September 15, 2007
The propaganda machine of the fourth reich. They do anything they can to make the british people look like pussies, even though most of the people who own holliwood are jewish, and fail to relise that we the british helped save their arses in world war two.
hollywood need a good arse kickin, they need a good old beating from old glory.

jimmy: hey
yank: do british people have bad teeth and gay?
jimmy: you've been watching to much hollywood
yank: you know we yanks droped the bouncing bomb on the damns
jimmy: youve been watching too much hollywood,
yank: english people are gay and have gay accents
jimmy: only upperclass people are like that, youve been watching too much hollywood,
by paul hinton April 30, 2006
To do a line fo cocaine off of someones erect penis.
"Hey dude last night I was at a party with Lindsay Lohan and she did a hollywood on Joe Rogan!"
by pedro-sanchez January 04, 2008

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