anything done while driving that another motorist considers stupid or dangerous.
Bob: Whoa that was a nice "hollywood", that guy just cut across 4 lanes of traffic to make his exit.
by durlander February 03, 2010
If Hollywood doesn't brainwash you then they don't get paid.
Example doesn't use the word Hollywood. Use the word in a sentence.
by the Film Actors Guild December 05, 2005
Usually a Skinny, Pale blonde, has two hoe-followers. Likes to tease. Favorite phrase... "OMG YOU'RE SOOOO FUNNNY!" Wants girls to like her, Wants guys to fall in love with her so she can reject them. Loves to take porn star pictures. She's the hottest Goddess in town. She's Hotter than athletes foot. Loves to wear pants so low, they show her underwear, her shirts so high that her pale stomach and sick belly piercing shows. LOOOOOVES to be called Names that make everybody barf. Find this girl on every page of the year book, loves to stare at her invisible chest. Likes rubbing her crotch on guys' necks. Likes her friends to sit in the bathroom while she rubs her self down. Doesnt prepare well for the time of the month when her vag bleeds, therefore she tells the world what happenin down in that dirty area. Her favorite thing to eat is her best friend. Shes just the hottest most perfect girl evvvvvvvvver. YAY!!!
You ALREADY know. OMG my hair is so bad, let me flip it and make it better! REALLY? TOTALLY AWESOME! YEAH!

she is such a Holly-Wood


by The TRUth Speaka June 12, 2011
a flamboyant gay male
he is so hollywood, in reference to "Hollywood Montrose" from the 1987 movie, "Mannequin"
by MJN157 April 29, 2010
(hŏl'ē-wŏŏd') - VERB

To load in with more than two non-working chain motors and no spares.
"Ok guys, take a break, I'm gonna have to run back to the shop, looks like we've hollywooded this one!"
by Crowdsurfer February 07, 2010
Quite possibly the greatest Player Killer on Asheron's Call.
Hollywood' splits you apart!
by Hollywood' August 29, 2006
Butt sex
Bubba: Bend over boy and get your Hollywood.
Timmy: My anus is bleeding, this isn't what I paid for.
by mouse51 October 05, 2009

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