A nickname given to a person who looks good on the social networks, pretends to be of high class and rock fame and successful, but in reality is none of that. See Catfish, but only in Hollywood's case, he will portray himself as the victim.
Person 1: That dude is a Hollywood, if I ever saw one.
Person 2: No doubt turns to the dude they were talking about "Hey hollywood!"
by Thinlilpretty January 24, 2013
The place where dreams come true!
Whether you´re a student, football player, martial artist, doctor, lawyer, cop, security guard, aspiring actor, artist or singer.Hollywood is ´the place´ to be besides the Orange County, Beverly Hills and Bel Air.
by Richard212 December 23, 2011
A male that is large or portly and who has delusions of fame, which in turn make him an asshole.
Dude that guy over there is so Hollywood
by lfcninja June 01, 2011
Any person whom acts as if they are higher than others due to their social class or wealth. Commonly used in New England.
*Wealthy prick struts about he would bump into a commoner and chuckle slightly continuing on*

Commoner: "Ay Hollywood! Watch et! Tryin' Tah walk heya!"
by Grimmified November 14, 2015
A nickname for someone who is too cool.
Hollywood, I don't want any excuses, come out tonight.
by SammyH July 28, 2007
A Girl Or Boy That Acts Like There All About This Or All About That💯. Thinks There The Shit✌ , Always Being A Petty Betty Wanna Be😴😐💯. Like Stop Thinking Your Better Than Everyone. You Prolly Aint All That Cute, & Its Not Too Late For You To Catch Some Hands From Anyone😐💯.
Yall Hoes Always Acting "Hollywood". A place for celebritys. hollywoods
by soccerplaayer3 September 08, 2015
When you do something so that it looks complete, but is actually missing 99% of what is expected.

When you have an assignment due so you do the first problem and scribble stuff on the rest of the page in the hopes that the teacher only looks at the top before giving you a grade.
I have a program to write for work, but my boss doesn't code. I'm just going to hollywood the program so the autodoc looks complete.
by ksadya March 06, 2011
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