A nickname for someone who is constantly on their cell phone, either talking or texting.
"Hollywood over here's been talking on his phone all day."
by Sam_R_I March 04, 2008
Top Definition
Where you wax your punani completley, so there is nothing left.
A:Where is your hair?
B:I had a hollywood..
by the father of pindia July 25, 2006
A nickname giving to those who are full of them self.
For example "Hollywood" thinks he is the shit when he gets all the girls...
by *JCB* October 16, 2009
1. The place where actors and actresses lose their souls, fake emotions, make drama, and earn money for no apparent reason.

(Example 1 can be used for any kind of person, not just "actors" and "actresses")
"Is my house a 'Hollywood' if my little sister accounts for everything except for earning money for no apparent reason (that's my dad and his acting job)
by DampHair February 27, 2011
Adj. Describing the change in behavior of someone who has "made it" or think they have "made it," particularly in entertainment. Usually consisting of a poor attitude towards old things that one used to enjoy, acting conceited, spending lavish amounts of money, trading in old friends for new friends that are part of that scene, etc.
Sarah's been acting so hollywood ever since she got cast in that movie.
by socalchick August 04, 2007
A large line of cocaine, in reference to being "big time".
We just picked up some good stuff, hollywoods?
by flipwitch July 08, 2011
A portion of the city of Los Angeles bordered on the west by the city of West Hollywood, on the north by the Hollywood Hills and San Fernando Valley, and south and east by various other sections of Los Angeles. It is a word falsely used to describe "plastic, selfish, and stuck up" people, as well as the entertainment industry, although the portion of Los Angeles called Hollywood is actually a mainly residential area, with many cultures and backgrounds. It's also not exactly the safest area of the city in many parts, regardless of its perception.

There are tourist attractions but it's no different than any other area known to outsiders.
Guy: "Man I can't stand all that Hollywood bullshit"
Me: "Have you ever been to Hollywood?"
Guy: "No"
Me: "Come back and repeat that statement when you do. Also, when you're there, be careful."
by A name that hasn't been used April 05, 2011
Area in California. People think it's "all that" and only famous people live there, which in REALITY it's just another city in America. It has just been characterized differently by modern-day pop culture and the media.
Friend 1 (over phone): OMG Hollywood must be awesome!

Friend 2 (over phone): Not really, I wish I didn't move. I'm gonna get quick bite to eat.

Friend 1 (over phone): Where you goin', to some fancy restaurant?

Friend 2 (over phone): No, I'm going to the deli at the corner.
by rewind to tha 80s October 28, 2011
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