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When you hang up the phone without indication. Typical people will give some indication the conversation is over, "see you later," good bye," "talk to you soon," etc. But as Hollywood movies have taught us, this is not necessary. When you are finished with what you have to say, hang up.
-"Did you get the memo I sent you, Rob?"
-"Yes, but I will read it later."

#holywood #hollywoodhangup #hang #up #holly #wood
by blueck November 22, 2005
being heterosexual in West Hollywood.
"He seems to be a nice enough guy, but I think he has a hollywood hangup."
#heterosexual #identity #hollywood #conformity #sex
by MoJo Mojowitz December 07, 2005
when you insert your pointer and middle fingers into your rectum, and proceed to thrust in and out with a twisting motion
yup thats a hollywood hangup
#shit #poop #dookie #ass #finger
by mark December 07, 2005
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