Anyone that can eat and eat and does not seen to gain any weight.
Look at Ralf pack the food away. I think he has a hollow leg.
by arelpee May 15, 2006
Top Definition
Imaginary reservoir for one who overindulges in liquor, food, etc. without showing signs of effect.
"My best friend has a hollow leg. She can drink 3 40 oz. bottles of Colt .45 and still walk a straight line."
by sour-puss October 11, 2006
Someone that can eat a lot of food but never seems to get full or put on any weight is said to have hollow legs
John "Bob you can fair eat a lot of food, how can you eat so much"

Bob: "I have hollow legs"
by daveybme January 16, 2010
Noun. A person has this, meaning they can drink a fuck ton without becoming drunk or showing the side effects of excessive alcohol consumption.
Don't worry, I have a hollow leg.
by District89 November 08, 2014
The reasoning behind someone being able to consume a large amount of food or drink.
John: How can Steve eat so much!
Jim: He's got a hollow leg.
by StevetheSteeeve May 06, 2016
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