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Imaginary reservoir for one who overindulges in liquor, food, etc. without showing signs of effect.
"My best friend has a hollow leg. She can drink 3 40 oz. bottles of Colt .45 and still walk a straight line."
by sour-puss October 11, 2006
Someone that can eat a lot of food but never seems to get full or put on any weight is said to have hollow legs
John "Bob you can fair eat a lot of food, how can you eat so much"

Bob: "I have hollow legs"
by daveybme January 16, 2010
Anyone that can eat and eat and does not seen to gain any weight.
Look at Ralf pack the food away. I think he has a hollow leg.
by arelpee May 15, 2006
A graphic apparel company originating from Ohio that creates t-shirts with juxtapositions between graphics and text to encourage the wearer to create their very own context of what the shirt means. To see this company, go to www.hollowlegstore.com
Have you seen the new hollow leg store online? It's pretty fucking sweet.
by fractaluniverse July 23, 2012