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A label fully endorsed by douchers, idiots, sheep, and fourteen-year-olds.
"Cool Hollister shirt, douchebag."
by TheDoucheHunter March 04, 2010
A store where a majority of the shirts simply say Hollister or have the logo on them. In an attempt to make you purchase items, they make it so dark you can't see what you're buying.
Joe: Let's stand out from the crowd by looking like everyone else!
Ted: But where should we shop? Abercrombie and Fitch? American Eagle?
Joe: No silly, Hollister!
Ted: They're so original!
by Confuzled July 10, 2008
A clothing store common in malls. Generally overpriced, with shirts that pretty much cost 150% as much as other store's tees, and all you get is the same damn print you see on anyone else's shirt, just laid out differently, and bundled with a superiority complex. As compared to a much more unique shirt one could by at stores such as Hot Topic or Pacsun. I've really never seen anyone who wore these clothes because they liked them, since the store appeals mostly to kids who don't feel very comfortable being themselves, and go with what their "friends" do.
Hollister regular: ohh emm gee, do you like my new shirt?

Normal person: I swear I've seen a shirt with the EXACT same design somewhere, no wait, it was laid out differently, and not somewhere, everywhere.

Hollister regular: You're just jealous cause you don't fit in!

Normal person: pfffffffffffffffffffffffft, If I wanted to fit in I'd be happy to force my parents to buy me overpriced clothes that make you look like a tryhard skank.

*Hollister girl reaches a new state of enlightenment, and goes home to find her own tastes*
by ThatArtsyKidIsAtItAgain August 09, 2011
A clothing company formed from Abercombie and Fitch , less costly but still OhDee expensive. Just a company tryna suck in 10-18 yr olds into pointless clothing. Not a creative company either. Not the best clothes in the world but okay.
Woah bro, Jayden wears madd Hollister , thats so stupid bro. What a shame
by cKthuGz July 29, 2011
A "preppy" brand that some teenagers like to wear. However, a lot of the kids who wear this are posers. Hollister is not a true "prep" style of dressing and most teens stop wearing it as they mature and get older.
Daniel: Hey dude. So you wear Hollister?

Poser: Yeah.

Daniel: Do you live by the beach?

Poser: No.

Daniel: Have you ever been to a beach?

Poser: No.

Daniel: Ok, well do you surf?

Poser: No.

Daniel: Then why do you wear Hollister?

Poser: Because I'm a prep.

Daniel: A true "prep" doesn't call themselves a prep. And Hollister was influneced by the people/surfers in California. If you've never been to Cali or at least a freakin beach or have never even touched a surfboard, then you're a poser.

Poser: Whatever.

Daniel: You're a dumb @$$.
by yo mama killa March 15, 2009
noun: A clothing store where gay "plastic" men, or bitchy popular girls shop. Basically a high-class Aeropostale, but more surf. Why not go inside and become deaf with blaring music, and smell the stench off cat piss fragrances?
Bob: "Dude. Isn't Hollister totally gnarly!?"
Bob2: "Dude -pauses and stares blankly- LETS GET RIPPED JEANS!"
by ?x?=? August 25, 2011
A store, similar to Abercrombie that uses style as an excuse for lack of quality.
John: Hey man, why does your shirt look like you bought it from Value Village?
James: Stfu man, I bought it from Hollister, dont you know anything about style!
by thecoolcanadian July 07, 2011