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A shop owned by Abercrombie & Fitch, but a HELL of a less cheaper. It's still a preppy-clothing style shop. A new shirt at Abercrombie & Fitch is 24.50, While a new shirt at Hollister is 15.50. Sometimes the shirt's at hollister are even better quality than other shops.
Look at that fucking awesome shirt... for only 15.50? It's mine!
by getoffmywaves May 30, 2005
A town in California who's name has been disgraced and is all over random teens' clothes thanks to Hollister Co.
Stan: Hey I guess we're roommates now..... where you from?
Joe: Hollister
Stan: WTF you live in a clothing store?
Joe: No the town.....
Stan: So you work in the factory?
Joe: No.... the town in California..... oh nevermind
by that's good October 20, 2009
a Clothing and accessory store you can find at most malls/large cities where it's so dark all you can see is the clothes, and it's so loud all you can hear is.........nothing unless you yell.
at Hollister:

"Where can I find an employee around here to help me?"

"Right Here! How can I help you?"

"I can't see you, but I want to try this on. Where's the fitting room?"




by iHateHoCo April 13, 2010
A very expensive clothing brand that kids will wear these days just to "fit in". Paying $70 for pre-torn jeans, and $100 for an ugly t-shirt that just advertises the brand. Anyone who wears Hollister normally seems to be a faggish follower, a slut, or a little prep. Hollister isn't special, people only wear it to fit in, and to advertise the brand on their chest.

Hollister is for f4gg0tz!
John: Dude how'd you get so many rips in your jeans?

Neil: I didn't man! I'm too much of a pussy to get my own rips in my own jeans! I bought them pre-ripped from Hollister! <3

John: .......fag
by ME, I WAS HERE. January 09, 2010
A store in which preppy, brain drained teenagers flock to to rid themselves of any personal uniqueness and conform to the standards of society therefore forging a secret pact and plotting the destruction of the world (see also: cult).
"DUDE! Did you get a chance to like go to like Hollister this weekend?!"
"Pshyeah. If I didn't that would mean I have an actual personality."
"Did you watch the secret cult video? I'm almost on level thre- I...I mean did you see the new board shorts?"
"Sure did! I'm on level three too- I...I mean yeah they bring out your toned thighs."
by deejaylovesmaddie November 28, 2009
a dark store that you can smell 50ft. away. kind of expensive...some teens who get brainwahed and peer-pressured by peers in school go beg their parents to go there even though the parents have bills to pay, they end up spending 80 dollars and think they done something so great. then they get laughed at because they only have like 2 or 3 shirts.
DUMB GIRL: hey guys
POPULAR KIDS: (dryly) oh hey.
ONE OF THE POPULAR GIRLS: what the hell are you wearing? is that hollister? wow all year you've been wearing WETSEAL AND WAL-MART.
DUMB GIRL: (go home) MOM, i knew i should just went to walmart, i could of had 8 shirts!
by FASHNPRINCESS15 October 14, 2009
A clothing store similar to Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle that sells surf-wear for people who don't surf. Commonly worn by douchebags. Hollister is also known for paying its' employees to stand at the entrance of the store wearing clothes sold by the store and pose with the mannequins to attract potential customers.
Tim: That guy probably surfs, he just walked out of Hollister with some pre-torn jeans.

Jim: Nah, people who actually surf wear brands like Reef and O'Neill and Quiksilver.
by punch145 July 15, 2009