a town on the central coast of california, inexplicably the namesake of the latest A&F brand clothing store. Home to two McDonalds, a target, and more pot smokers than chico, hollister is one of those smalltown suburban black holes that saps your soul until you finally escape
"Oh, I'm from Hollister"
"No Way! Do you have a Hollister store in Hollister?"
"Dude, we don't even have a mall in hollister"
by Alisa June 12, 2005
An overpriced, heavily perfumed store commonly found in malls, that attracts various perfect-looking teenage girls (and sometimes boys) that like to shop for shirts that advertise the store across their boob area, and hundred-dollar pre-ripped jeans with quality that can also be found at other stores, for less money. Abercrombie and Fitch, who owns the store, is more expensive, but most times, not by much.

Hollister brand clothing is used in public schools to define your wealth. It is the uniform of the stereotypical rich teen girl. If you don't own any Hollister, you must be poor, and therefore, uncool.
Girl 1: "Hey, girl!"
Girl 2: "Hey!"
Girl 1: "I thought we were gonna wear our Hollister shirts today..."
Girl 2: "Mine is dirty, my mom and I have to go do some laundry at the Laundromat this weekend."
Girl 1: "Ew, the LAUNDROMAT? And...You only have ONE Hollister shirt? You...You poor person! Get away from me!"
by MyNameisCool:D November 20, 2009
A store that works with Abercrombie (which was an outdoors store about 30 years ago). Hollister is themed upon California. It's a line of clothing and has a perfume line for male and female. Pretty new to the American population, but is coming closer and closer to getting the popularity of Abercrombie. Even though they are incorporated together, the competition still thrives! The cost could be expensive at Hollister, but it's much cheaper than Abercrombie, and their style is more bright and trendy, while Abercrombie gives mostly a dark-colored and casual look. At Hollister you CAN find something very casual and at Abercrombie, you CAN find something bright and trendy. Pretty much everything at Abercrombie stays in fashion, while Hollister gets new trends. There are pros and cons for both of those. If you desperately need clothes there to be cheaper, work there for a discount or get a discount from a friend or family member that is an employee. Or simply wait for a sale. Even at the store, there are always trends from a couple months ago for a cheaper price. But PLEASE, whatever you do, DON'T buy from Hollister or Abercrombie because you'll think you look cool. Buy them because you like their fashions. :)
Ashton: I saw these torn jeans at Abercrombie, the ones with holes in them, but they're $50!

Kaitlin: oh my god! Go to Hollister! I got mine from there! You can get something like that for maybe $40!

Ashton: No, I'll just buy plain jeans from Abercrombie and put holes in them. *leaves*

Kaitlin: God, she's such an Aberzombie.
by HollisterShopper June 07, 2005
A clothing store where there isn't that much of a variety of clothing. There will be one style of shirt, but in a lot of colors. They do not have very unique clothing. When I bought clothes from there, I would see a million other girls wearing the same shirt. It was annoying. They usually have cute hoodies, and nice jean quality, but a little overpriced. If you want to have more unique clothing and not wear the same outfit as 10 other girls in your class, then shop at somewhere like Forever 21 (:
Suzy- "Oh my god, that girl was wearing all Hollister, she must be rich."
Sally- "Well then, she's not very unique, and must feel the need to brag about her money."
by Rawwwrrr1 July 06, 2009
a stupid store that caters to anorexic caucasian males and females with no personality. this store features loud obnoxious blaring music and pissy employees that are not in the least bit attractive, but swear to god theyre orlando bloom and kate moss.
oh-em-gee, are you gonna like come to hollister with me today?
like i totally lovee that $50 vintage top i saw.. plus i wanna go see that dreamy dressing room ttendent guy *stupid tone of voice.*
by lolololxfadoodles October 27, 2008
It is a deceptive marketing campaign made by none other than the clothing store based on a town that has nothing to do with surfing. If it was santa cruz then yes that is a surf town. The real hollister is a cow town in the middle of nowhere where people do their surfing on ponds. The population consists of latinos and anglos who have nothing else to do but cow tip. Please do not buy this product. This Hollister campaign is spread like wildfire throughout the nation even though there is a simple tool called mapquest and find out that hollister is NOT on the coast.

Anyone who either wears hollister in or near the hollister area thanks for the laughs you are being conned and duped...
-Is that hollister?
-What is hollister?
I heard it is a surf town.
-Go to mapquest check it out and see that Hollister is NOT a surftown, I've been there it is nothing but cows.
Ok I will check it out...
by orderofchaos January 08, 2008
A town in California who's name has been disgraced and is all over random teens' clothes thanks to Hollister Co.
Stan: Hey I guess we're roommates now..... where you from?
Joe: Hollister
Stan: WTF you live in a clothing store?
Joe: No the town.....
Stan: So you work in the factory?
Joe: No.... the town in California..... oh nevermind
by that's good October 20, 2009

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