Clothing store owned by Abercrombie & Fitch. They sell clothing pertaining to the west coast and surfing. Hollister Co is named after a John Hollister, a man who traveled the ocean, eventually settling down in Southern California, around the Santa Cruz area. It is not named after the city in California.
Hollister, the person, not the place.
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by Mr. Nice Guy July 13, 2006
Hollister, fully named Hollister Co., is a designer brand that is made by Abercrombie & Fitch. It has a strong California surfer vibe throughout the store. The actual storefront is very unique: it has a huge bamboo roof and gates on either side of the door. It does not say Hollister on the storefront. Inside, it is dimly lit, many compartments, and it is scented with there cologne. It sells polos, camis, logo shirts, babydoll shirts, workshirts, henleys, sweaters, sweatshirts, leggings, skirts, jeans, cargo pants, sweatpants, shorts, summer dresses, jean jackets, winter jackets, flip-flops, bags, legwarmers, armwarmers, and hats. They also sell CDs from the music played in the store and surfer magazines. Unlike some people may think, Hollister is not just for preps. Hollister is for people who just want to look cute. If you have ever worn cheaper brands and then bought something from Hollister, you will see how much softer and more relaxed it is. Hollister clothes are very comfy and casual. Yes, they do market logo tees, but they also have some fancier, yet still causal shirts. They are mainly famous for their ripped jeans. I can understand why people from the actual city of Hollister would hate that store, but I cannot understand why you would hate that store for no particular reason whatsoever. If you want to shop at Hollister, than great, shop at Hollister. If you don't like it, that's fine, but you don't have to publicize your hate for it either. There clothes can be a little expensive sometimes, but there logo tees are usually only $15.50 and there's always clearance. It is generally less expensive then Abercrombie. It is very mainstream, like Abercrombie. If you dont want to spend $30 for a tee in Abercrombie & Fitch, and you can afford but can't fit into the clothes at abercrombie Kids, then Hollister is the store for you.
Stella - I just got this new tee from Hollister
Massie - I like Roxy more
Jordyn - Hot Topic is my favorite store
Stella - That's fine, if you like it then you should wear it
Massie - Want to go to the mall?
Stella & Jordyn - Sure!
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by MarisaMoose October 07, 2007
the biggest disgrace to surf culture. its just a marketing ploy by abercrombie and fitch to sell surfing cause its so damn "cool"! i'm sick and tired and seeing the name on my hometown on a shirt worn by a guy who looks like he's never seen the ocean. anyone who shops here is poser. you kooks probably wouldnt last a second out in the water even its only waist high! Quit embarassing us real surfers and skaters.
"Hey brah, I just bought some radical clothes at Hollister! Lets go surf some of those poounding waves at Malibu! Yaaaaaah! I'm such a gnarly surfer dude."
ME: "Go back to Ohio kook."
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by K-Rhino January 31, 2007
A store that sells clothes exclusively to douchebags. Very popular with feminine guys who would rather look like they are 12. Consists of over priced clothing with that big stupid bird on everything. Very popular with fags.
Will: Look at that guy with that hollister shirt on with the massive letters on it.

Josh: haha what a freakin douche, only fags wear that stuff
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by NCSUkid August 22, 2008
A So-Cal style store with cool clothes for guys of many shapes and sizes and cute clothes for girls who range between the sizes of 0 and 0.5.
Hollister Employee : "Can I find you a size?"
Lauren : "Yea, I wear a 7."
Hollitster Employee : "Here's a 15, that should fit."

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by Needs a name December 29, 2007
An overpriced, heavily perfumed store commonly found in malls, that attracts various perfect-looking teenage girls (and sometimes boys) that like to shop for shirts that advertise the store across their boob area, and hundred-dollar pre-ripped jeans with quality that can also be found at other stores, for less money. Abercrombie and Fitch, who owns the store, is more expensive, but most times, not by much.

Hollister brand clothing is used in public schools to define your wealth. It is the uniform of the stereotypical rich teen girl. If you don't own any Hollister, you must be poor, and therefore, uncool.
Girl 1: "Hey, girl!"
Girl 2: "Hey!"
Girl 1: "I thought we were gonna wear our Hollister shirts today..."
Girl 2: "Mine is dirty, my mom and I have to go do some laundry at the Laundromat this weekend."
Girl 1: "Ew, the LAUNDROMAT? And...You only have ONE Hollister shirt? You...You poor person! Get away from me!"
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by MyNameisCool:D November 20, 2009
1. a store for teens who enjoy stores such as american eagle, abercrombie, aeropstale, etc. They sell stylish "surfer, beach" clothes but at a lower price than abercrombie.
Some things hollister sells includes faded jeans with frayed belt, cool t-shirts with the beach look and feel to them.
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by Cmlax07 March 24, 2007
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