A store for losers who think they are cool or people who think they can surf when they really can't even swim. You also can get really ripped fallen apart jeans from there.
kid: OMG i got thease jean for 200 dollars from hollister
Mom: wat a waste of money
by sumfanumber41 March 06, 2006
A clothing line from the makers of Abercrombie & Fitch that targets teens that don't want to spend $60 for an Abercrombie Shirt. Clothes are usually cheaper and shoddier than Abercrombie apparel.
I brought a 20 dollar shirt from Hollister the other day! But it got torn a week later...
by hua hua hua July 26, 2005
A term used to describe the guys who wear polo shirts with a popped collar, have perfectly spiked hair, and look as if they've spent 2 hours in front of a mirror--basically the preppy guys of this world who think their shit don't stink. The term hollister is used just like one would use the terms hippie, freak, nerd, or slut when describing a person.
Man, he's a hollister!!!

What a hollister!

As two friends are walking past a well groomed and egotistical guy they turn to each other and exclaim, "HOLLISTER!"
by HippieChick July 29, 2005
Giving oral pleasure to a retard. Downs Syndrome kids getting a Hollister from whores. Derived from the modeling agency Hollister in Florida that hires borderline retarded chicks with an ensatiable appetite for "charity". Giving back to the community the best way they can by pleasuring the less fortunate.
Kailey gave Corky a Hollister after he won the relay race at teh special olympics.
by Douglas Wayne September 18, 2006
A place that's dark as my skin (that's pretty dark) the only reason to make it that dark is so we can't see the price tag ....that's y everyone be "stealing"
Guy: I can't see the price tag
Guy2: go outside Hollister were their is light
(Guy goes outside the alarms go off cops appear)
Cop: were u trying to steal
Guy: nah, cuz I was just trying to see the price tag, but their ain't no lights in the store
Point exact if that store is so rich and expensive get some damn lights
by realzcakee December 15, 2014
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