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hollister is a store for people that lik to look cute
other people think hollister is a prep store but no it is a cute person store and the ones that dont shop there are really stupid
allie ament
brennan granden
well that is all the people i can think of but they hate hollister and i love it
by jesi mcgee November 05, 2006
Abercombie and Fitch's red-headed bastard stepchild bitch.
You little hollister fitch bitch!
by nowa March 21, 2006
a store for wannabe preps of white sububria, planted in a mall with jeans and pants costing 40+ dollars and my opinion: absoulute disgrace to soceity in which 8yrs+ try to shop at
8yr chick: Hollister is so cute
9 yr chick: yah i got that shirt there that says "hollister" for 50 dollars what a buy!!
by Misha March 30, 2005
A clothing store that has industrialized beach culture. They sell overpriced shirts that say stuff on them like "Huntington Beach", "Newport Beach", "Cali", and so on in that fashion. This store is extremely popular to rednecks in the Midwest that dream about going to southern California.
NEWSFLASH: If you wear clothes on them that say "California", you're probably not from California. So, to all hicks: turn MTV off, take off that Hollister shirt, and go swim in a pond.
by Ian Trautner December 07, 2005
A store that provides gay clothing to today's youngest and gayest kids.
Hey Marcus, let's go be gay and go to Hollister.
by Dell PC April 10, 2006
same shit as abercrombie, aero, and american eagle as well. and it is NOT cheaper you dumbass.

honestly, do you people realize everytime you buy these clothes, your just paying money to advertise for them? why do you think every single clothing piece has the logo sprawled across the front- and if its not there, its on your ass.

anybody who strictly shops at any of these stores are dumbass victims to capitalism.
hey trisha! i got the CUTEST shirt from hollister- omg you have to see it! its yellow & it says 'hollister' on the front- isnt that hott?!?
by lauren S July 19, 2005
A store for losers who think they are cool or people who think they can surf when they really can't even swim. You also can get really ripped fallen apart jeans from there.
kid: OMG i got thease jean for 200 dollars from hollister
Mom: wat a waste of money
by sumfanumber41 March 06, 2006