A beautiful town in California.

Know for being "out in the middle of nowhere," the birthplace of the american biker back in the incident of 1947, and also for its rich farm and ranch heritage.

It only has one high school, San Benito High School. The school mascot, the haybaler, has been voted the 2nd most original high school mascot in the United States.

Hollister is known for being a little more conservative than its other central coast neighbors, but most people are quite accepting of others, much more so than other so-called progressive towns in the area.

Many of the local kids hate the town claiming its too boring and will often go to other towns to have fun. The fact is that these people aren't Hollister natives, often times, they left bigger and nastier towns for Hollister's positive atmosphere.

The local Target store is probably the most hip place in town. It's semi-jokingly refered to as our mall.

Hollister is a beautiful town and everyone should visit!

Hollister is the best town ever!!
by Jose Bernal April 03, 2007
A company that sells surfer themed clothing. To all of the people that say, "people who wear Hollister have probably never been to a beach before, I'm a real surfer" Listen, their is no such thing as a "real" surfer. If you surf a lot, your a surfer. Now if you shop at Hollister, and you surf then that doesn't make you any less of a surfer. Hell, I can shop at Wal-mart and surf and still be a surfer. People are stupid fucks. Thinking that only real surfers wear hurley, billabong, and volcom. HA! They have a logo or brand stamped on their clothes too. As long as I still have the skills on the board, who gives a fuck where I stop at. Just take some time to think about that, and you'll see what I mean. Dumb asses.
(Guy wearing Hurley)- Hey kook, your not a surfer. Your wearing hollister.

(Guy wearing Hollister)- Well, bring out your board and ride those waves, and then we'll see who's the real surfer.

(Guy wearing Hurley)- I don't have a board.

(Guy wearing Hollister)- Exactly.
by SouthernCaliforniaSURFERBOY December 27, 2008
Hollister is a stylish clothing store based on west-coast surfer style. It is NOT based off of the town Hollister, which is far away from any beaches and is known more for paintball and off-roading/motocross etc. Hollister is based off of Hollister Ranch, which is a surf community somewhere in Southern California. People should understand this better, Hollister shirts say So-Cal on them often, Hollister the city is in Northern California.

Hollister is owned by Abercrombie and Fitch. Their clothes are similar in style, but are more reasonably priced. There are people who shop at Hollister but not Abercrombie and Fitch, because Hollister is perhaps even as low as the American Eagle price range.

Their clothes include pre-ripped pants, and faded clothing etc. all are meant to have a worn feeling. There is a reason to buy pre-ripped clothing; designer clothing is meant to stay the way it is forever. Generally speaking, pre-ripped clothing does not become much worse over time, whereas ripping your own clothing you will gradually expand the rips over time. In addition, designer fabric tends to be much more comfortable, cheap Levi's and other brands tend to feel cardboard-ish.

People tend to rag on Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch because their clothes are higher priced than normal. In my opinion, I felt the same way but I find their clothing to fit much better and feel more comfortable, I would wear one pair of their jeans a couple days in a row if they didn't get dirty. They do sell jeans that are minimally ripped as well. It may seem overpriced, but you can have two pairs of jeans and that will be enough for daily use.
Person A: "Wow it sorta feels like I'm not wearing pants at all! Maybe I should by these? I've never really been in here before but all the guys that shop here get shit from people.."

Person B: "Yeah it's sort of lame but they don't really understand.. It's too bad you know I mean it's not like all the clothes in Hollister are destroyed."
by Darren McInerney July 20, 2006
a store that sounds like a fatal disease
by KarinaMina July 10, 2008
"I love my mommy". This is also on a popular shirt worn by teens and their wardrobe usually also includes aeropostale shirts which mean "I love my daddy"
Dude: "My mom's the greatest so I show everyone by wearing my Hollister shirt often."
by oibeachnc September 15, 2008
"I Love My Mommy"
These hollister shirts are usually also worn by the same people who wear Aeropostale ("I Love My Daddy") shirts.
Dude, that girl loves both her parents cause she's got that Hollister shirt on today and she had the Aeropostale shirt on yesterday.
by oibeachnc September 11, 2008
A store, that in my personal opinion, isn't my style.
They sell clothes that look vintage, but in fact, aren't, and are notorious for they're ripped jeans.
It's located in most malls across america, even though the style and intention of the store is surfing and southern california.
It generally annoys me because nearly every shirt in that store says HOLLISTER on it, so it nearly turns everyone into walking billboards.
Yay! Go corporate America's plan to brainwash the population!
Abercrombie isn't much better, though, because of the trendiness; and the fact you have to buy two shirts to cover up your chest.
Hollister is a store, but whether you like it or not, you must find out for yourself.
by Hope Aldridge August 23, 2007
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