A store were women go to get clothes and were men go to get a dick up the ass. Hollister is the gayest sector of any mall, on the same spectrum of A&F. FUCK HOLLISTER.
Dude 1: "Hey guys, I just went to Hollister and bought the coolest torn jeans."

Dude 2: "Well, I went to Target and bought perfectly good, no holed, warm jeans that I could donate someday."

Dude 3: "I'm siding with Dude 2 because Hollister is very gay, plus the Hollister jeans have a rip right on the asshole."

Dude 1: "Guys, I'm metrosexual, not gay!"

Dude 2: "There is no such thing as a metrosexual so just come out already. Gays who won't come out piss me off."

Dude 1: "OK!"
by poolskickass August 26, 2008
a store that should not make clothes over the size of a medium (although some mediums arent fit for some of their clothes either) because then fat girls wear hollister jeans (which are extremely low-cut) and then their butt-crack hangs out of the back & their rolls fall out the top.
ok, so even MY crack is hanging out of these hollister jeans & i wear a 0. no wonder the fat girls always have such a bad muffin top!
by littlemissme:] March 14, 2010
place were people go to spend way to much freaking money because they're pathetic. cant think for themselves. POSERS!
end of story.
person 1: wow hollister is so stupid.
prep: are you like kidding me? like oh-em-gee it like the sweetest thing on earth. i feel totally awesome when i go in there.
person 1: you feel awesome because you are brain- washed pathetic poser.
prep:like oh-em- gee, what do you mean?!
person 1: my point exactly. (walks away dissapointed in america.)
by anti-hollister,a&f, preps April 09, 2009
this store that everyfucking person shops at, originates from A&F. but has wayyy cheaper quality& ugly stuff that you see every person around town+ at yer school WWEAR. yur so freakin original,bjkkkj. my hollister jeans always rip, &my sweaters fit weirdd& my tanks+tees get holes after being worn like four times or so?

hollister has ugly ,cheap quality clothing
by scr34mform3 March 23, 2008
STUPID white prep store that is OWNED BY ABERCROMBIE!! They have stupid prep clothing for (mostly) girls.
Person A:"I'm cool becuase I wear hollister, even though i'm stupid and will never amount to anything in my life"

Person B:"Your gay, go away"
by loveshams June 17, 2005
a store that many people diss and make fun of.. and say that its really expensive and not worth the price.
but people will say theyre expensive even though they clearly havent shopped there before.
THERE IS A CLEARANCE SECTION THAT SELLS CLOTHES FOR 10 DOLLARS . SOMETIMES EVEN LESS. theres a clearance section at the back and thats where everyone goes.

so, no,. its not expensive. they do have nice clothes, that are CHEAP.
yela: "..you only shop there at hollister because of the brand. its so expensive. "

mica: ".. i bought this shirt for freakin 16 dollars. how much was yours?"
by ignorantpeopleareweird1 August 14, 2010
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