an overused, unfashinable brand, that people seem to love. The people who wear either have too much money on there chest or they have no idea what the meaning of ugly is.
hollister is store is filled with preps, populars, 6th graders wannabes, and moms who think there in highschool.
by sally456+ January 29, 2010
Hollister is a company also owned by Abercrombie & Fitch.
they sell high-priced clothing for no reason to pull off a "classy" and "sophisticated" look for young teens.
The company also turns your child into a complete hoebag. Preps and bottle-blonds rave about this company, because all they want to do is get fingered every night by someone new.
The whores who are stupid enough to buy this crap say that everyone else is "jealous." everybody can afford that crap, it's just that they're smart, and don't want to spend their ,oney on soemthing so stupid.
"Oh my god, that girl is wearing last month's Judy crop cami from Hollister! Let's make fun of how she isn't wearing the overpriced shit sold right now!"
by unisaurusrex September 13, 2009
one of the clothing brands that basically says
"if you don't wear it, we won't talk to you"
or "you're not hot if you're not wearing preppy clothes"
"what is that kid wearing?"
"i don't know, but he's lookin bummy"

a statement from my neighbor who "transformed" into preppy clothing just recently, "wow i feel sexy. girls have been telling me how good i look in hollister lately."
by teiya patten May 03, 2008
A store a bit cheaper than A&F for basicly preps both stores sell like the exact some thing but are a bit different like this 1 sweater at A&F was the same 1 i saw at hollister but the 1 at hollister had polka dots in the hood and the A&F sweater didnt so they are very simmaler.
Kid 1-i have that same sweater but from hollister how much was yours?
Kid 2-90.00$
Kid 1-o well mine was 70.00 u got riped off
by Rebecca 56 January 28, 2007
A backwater industrial biker town in California.

An unnecessary and superfluous chain of clothing stores, used by Abercrombie and Fitch to have more space to sell their make-cheap sell-high clothing.
"I would rather kill myself than live in or near Hollister..."

"If you want to pay a company to advertise for them, buy from Hollister!"
by Ass Dan February 12, 2010
A store that all the losers who hate life love to hate on. It looks better than all the sh*t people wear (all black, baggy pants with the waste way under your waste- you know, the trashy stuff).
People who say that we wear it just "to fit in" actually are trying to fit in with those who hate it.

Heads up for those who think we care that you hate us and the clothing- we don't give a sh*t. Now grow up and quit b*tching.
Person 1: "Why do you always wear Hollister?"
Person 2: "Because that's what I want to wear.."
Person 1: "Well you shouldn't, cause its gay and looks stupid."
Person 2: "Stfu and don't talk to me, cause i dont give a sh*t what your failure-self says."
by papapapapapaa April 13, 2009
Hollister: A store with overpriced, tattered clothing for anorexic beach blond girls and guys.
by TQ123 April 02, 2009
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