A place where you only use one of your senses...smell
omfg i can smell it alll the way over heerrre!!!!

by xyeahx December 17, 2010
the sartorial choice of the quintessential middle school bully
hollister, a poor stylistic choice representative of moderate economic prosperity
by i-don-t-even-know September 21, 2013
A california-based clothing brand. They make casual wears and look nice. The price is reasonable and is known widely. It is owned by Abercrombie and Fitch. They look similar to american eagle or aeropostale, but a lot better. People who wear this are normal fashionable people.
Katie: "I bought this Hollister sweater yesterday for 70 dollars"
James: "it looks really nice, i think it was a really good buy"
by inrialiti February 19, 2011
a dark damp place where they dont give a fuck if 11 year olds wear 40 dollar booty shorts and tube tops.
last week i went over to my younger cousins house for her 11th birthday. what i saw horrified me. in those 40 dollar Hollister booty shorts, i know i will never be the same again.
by the one who knows evil August 31, 2010
A clothing brand owned by Abercrombie & Fitch where teens who have yet to develop their own personal identity will go and shop. You can often expect to pay somewhat higher than average prices for significantly lower than average quality clothing.
"Excuse me miss Hollister 'model', do any of the jeans in this store come in halfway decent quality, or at least not totally ruined already?"

"No, why do you think they're so expensive?"

"Well... wait, that doesn't make any sense!!!"
by Ascetiq April 18, 2010
A store when you can buy more over-priced clothes (just like HotTopic or pretty much any other "teen" clothing store in the mall).
See Also: A store when it rains cologne from its fake palm trees and half-naked manakins welcoming you to the store.
Shit, I forgot my umbrella and we're passing Hollister! I'm gonna get rained on with cologne!
by Preacher of Truth(and your mom) November 21, 2006
A store that posers like to dump on for having style. It is NOT for preps. Look at the definition. Also, sells clothes similar to PacSun and Buckle. And yes, at the same price.
"Ew. look at that girl. SHe's wearing hollister, whatta whore." Give me a break. "ew. look at you. your such a poser."
by Shopaholic_2012 July 10, 2008

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