A small town located just out of the Bay Area in California. A place slightly famed for the Independance Day Rally, The Hay Baler, and the Swank Farms Great Cornmaze featuring the Conover Mysterey Ranch and Sinisterium. Aside from that, Hollister is a quite town, with not much night life. Target and Starbucks tend to be the hot spots for youth/teens in the area who don't have trasportation to other towns/cities. Active local music and theatre scenes are welcome new attractions to the small town.

Not to be mistaken with the overpriced offshoot of Ambercrombie and Fitch. Accusations of living in a store can be a touchy subject with Hollister youth.
"Boy- Hey, lets go to the cornmaze in hollister!"
"Girl- That place is going to be packed, they average over 500,000 people a season!"
by Hexxus June 24, 2009
A clothing brand worn mostly by pretentious teenagers who have never been to Southern California, let alone gone surfing. Yet somehow, wearing Hollister makes them look "cool" even though they're A)Ugly and/or B)Have bodies that are horribly out of shape.
OMG! That fat chick with the zits looks HAWT in that Hollister top! I gotta shop Hollister so I can be cool just like her!
by Shenehneh August 11, 2008
The store in the mall where gay men and airhead blondes go to shop. Only white people should go in the store, or else u will be followed the whole time you're in there. The requirements to shop there are: being anorexic and a slut, having your daddie's credit card, and saying the word "like" or "OMG!" after ever other word you say.
LiKe OmG! hey lets go shop at hollister! Its effin awesome! OmG!
by heyberenice! July 17, 2008
Overly priced trashy clothing.
Chellie: "Ew what the hell is that?! A loincloth?!"
Kalon: "No, it's a skirt."
Chellie: "THAT piece of fabric is a skirt?! Who the hell sells those?"
Kalon: "...Hollister"
by chellienumeroneyo July 26, 2007
A cute, trendy store that is OWNED BY Abercrombie and Fitch. It is not an "offshot" of said store, but is owned by it. Those who claim that Hollister is a wannabe A&F store need to check their sources, and need to learn to research before sounding like idiots and dissing something they know nothing about.
Also, Hollister as well as Abercrombie clothes are both comfortable and of extremely high quality, therefore bringing the higher prices (in Abercrombie, that is, Hollister is less expensive). It is business code to highten the prices when the quality goes up, which is why a shirt from WalMart becomes destroyed two weeks after buying due to its lack of good quality. Good quality = higher prices. Its not rocket science.
Person A: "Hey, I like your shirt, whered you get it?"
Person B: "Oh, thanks, I got it from ____ (Abercrombie and Fitch/Hollister)"
Person A: "Oh, their stuff is such crap. Stupid, too small clothes, and way too high priced."
Person B: "Really? Thats odd, seeing as I've had this shirt for about three years, and its just as nice as when I bought it. They have very high quality clothes, hence the higher price range."
by Mauraaa February 03, 2007
A label fully endorsed by douchers, idiots, sheep, and fourteen-year-olds.
"Cool Hollister shirt, douchebag."
by TheDoucheHunter March 04, 2010
A store where a majority of the shirts simply say Hollister or have the logo on them. In an attempt to make you purchase items, they make it so dark you can't see what you're buying.
Joe: Let's stand out from the crowd by looking like everyone else!
Ted: But where should we shop? Abercrombie and Fitch? American Eagle?
Joe: No silly, Hollister!
Ted: They're so original!
by Confuzled July 10, 2008
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