A shop owned by Abercrombie & Fitch, but a HELL of a less cheaper. It's still a preppy-clothing style shop. A new shirt at Abercrombie & Fitch is 24.50, While a new shirt at Hollister is 15.50. Sometimes the shirt's at hollister are even better quality than other shops.
Look at that fucking awesome shirt... for only 15.50? It's mine!
by getoffmywaves May 30, 2005
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It is a deceptive marketing campaign made by none other than the clothing store based on a town that has nothing to do with surfing. If it was santa cruz then yes that is a surf town. The real hollister is a cow town in the middle of nowhere where people do their surfing on ponds. The population consists of latinos and anglos who have nothing else to do but cow tip. Please do not buy this product. This Hollister campaign is spread like wildfire throughout the nation even though there is a simple tool called mapquest and find out that hollister is NOT on the coast.

Anyone who either wears hollister in or near the hollister area thanks for the laughs you are being conned and duped...
-Is that hollister?
-What is hollister?
I heard it is a surf town.
-Go to mapquest check it out and see that Hollister is NOT a surftown, I've been there it is nothing but cows.
Ok I will check it out...
by orderofchaos January 08, 2008
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a clothing designer whose pants magically seem to act as a push up bra for a girl's ass, and whose clothes in general add at least a point to a girl on the hotness scale.
andy(staring): daaaaaammmmmnnnn... I didn't know that chick had such a nice ass
gabe: yeah its all hollister, that shits like a pancake without those pants
by Stevemutherfuckingbinks May 28, 2008
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a Clothing and accessory store you can find at most malls/large cities where it's so dark all you can see is the clothes, and it's so loud all you can hear is.........nothing unless you yell.
at Hollister:

"Where can I find an employee around here to help me?"

"Right Here! How can I help you?"

"I can't see you, but I want to try this on. Where's the fitting room?"




by iHateHoCo April 13, 2010
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A place the creepy preppy people that think they're tough go to buy pre ripped jeans for $60.
FYI: rips come from natural wear and tear not scissors.
and dont try to convince people that they ripped when the hole in in the middle of your shin.
OMG i totally like bought these ripped jeans at like Hollister and like my daddy totally wouldn't buy them so i was like a rebel and like took his credit card. I'm like so tough.
by weirdgothchick April 10, 2007
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A store in which preppy, brain drained teenagers flock to to rid themselves of any personal uniqueness and conform to the standards of society therefore forging a secret pact and plotting the destruction of the world (see also: cult).
"DUDE! Did you get a chance to like go to like Hollister this weekend?!"
"Pshyeah. If I didn't that would mean I have an actual personality."
"Did you watch the secret cult video? I'm almost on level thre- I...I mean did you see the new board shorts?"
"Sure did! I'm on level three too- I...I mean yeah they bring out your toned thighs."
by deejaylovesmaddie November 28, 2009
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Is an offshoot of Abercrombie & Fitch that sells California-inspired apparel to 14-18 year olds. Hollister’s clothing is similar to A&F’s but is less expensive and more beach/surfer.
Look at these great outfits I got at Hollister they were way cheaper than A&F !
by bored2121 July 31, 2005
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