A small town located just out of the Bay Area in California. A place slightly famed for the Independance Day Rally, The Hay Baler, and the Swank Farms Great Cornmaze featuring the Conover Mysterey Ranch and Sinisterium. Aside from that, Hollister is a quite town, with not much night life. Target and Starbucks tend to be the hot spots for youth/teens in the area who don't have trasportation to other towns/cities. Active local music and theatre scenes are welcome new attractions to the small town.

Not to be mistaken with the overpriced offshoot of Ambercrombie and Fitch. Accusations of living in a store can be a touchy subject with Hollister youth.
"Boy- Hey, lets go to the cornmaze in hollister!"
"Girl- That place is going to be packed, they average over 500,000 people a season!"
by Hexxus June 24, 2009
A store, that in my personal opinion, isn't my style.
They sell clothes that look vintage, but in fact, aren't, and are notorious for they're ripped jeans.
It's located in most malls across america, even though the style and intention of the store is surfing and southern california.
It generally annoys me because nearly every shirt in that store says HOLLISTER on it, so it nearly turns everyone into walking billboards.
Yay! Go corporate America's plan to brainwash the population!
Abercrombie isn't much better, though, because of the trendiness; and the fact you have to buy two shirts to cover up your chest.
Hollister is a store, but whether you like it or not, you must find out for yourself.
by Hope Aldridge August 23, 2007
a store owned by abercrombie that markets west coast inspired styles appealing to mostly junior high and some high schoolers. the clothes are of decent quality, though i would advise you that if you are wide shouldered like me, dont wear thier tank tops. its about the same price as american eagle, less exspensive than a&f, and the same price as abercrombie kids. if you are tired of american eagle, like abercrombie, but dont fit into the kids clothes and dont want to pay 34 dollars for a teeshirt at a&f, hollister is the store for you.
hollister is a decent store
by harper sloane April 30, 2006
Hollister is a "preppy" store which opened its doors in 2000, in the Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio. Its parent company is Abercrombie. Hollister clothing is known to be cheaper than AF, mainly because the first Hollisters were taking all profits away from Abercrombie (this is called "cannibilism").

Hollister, or HCO, embodies a laid-back Californian lifestlye. They haved ranked top in Teens' Top Clothing Brands.

Logos: SoCal, a seagull, HCO

Fictional story: Hollister claims to be founded by J.M. Hollister in the 1920s.

Hollister is infamous for their clever advertising tatics. They print their name on the clothing, thus subtley (or not so much -_-)spreading word about Hollister.

Their stores are often made to mimic a beach party. They are dark, reeking of prefume, and loud. Lounge chairs and magazines are provided.

Well known for wrinkly/destroyed jeans.

Aimed at the pre-teen to early teen population.
I got this tee shirt at Hollister the other day.
by Origami September 10, 2008
Its just another store in a mall. Its cool if you wanna shop there, and you shouldnt be judged on where you shop. i personally think theyre alright. And to all you stuck up surfers out there who hate it just remember all it is is a way to get more cash flow into the surfin industry everytime one of those wannabes buys any of the actual surf gear. sure theyre posers but if all you see is their cash dont bitch about it. im sure theres other sports out there that wish they were as well known and liked, or had the extra income from posers and wannabes
Hey wanna go shop at hollister?
Nah i dont really like that store
Oh thats cool with me
by hilton baseball player 92 March 11, 2006
a nice clothing store. has clothes that look very similar to abercrombie's but way cheaper!
omg! look at my new shirt and pants i got it from hollister. they kinda look like the outfits i got from abercromie. but this outfit was cheaper! maybe i should start shopping at hollister from now on. WHOO HOO! I LOVE HOLLISTER!
by mariah March 02, 2005
Hollister is a cool store, but it rather kills your senses:
HEARING-Loud Blaring music
SMELLING-An entire store doused with fragrances coming through the airvents
SEEING-Dark, batcave like

Although taste and hearing remain intact.

Also, be sure to watch out for long lines and angry parents with rising credit card debts due to their little daughters who tell them to buy a "Cute outfit" for them, when they then get into fights with other parent because they are sick of waiting in sometimes very long lines!

Be aware not to wear your clothes sporting "Hollister" to the state in which it represents CALIFORNIA!!

You might just get beat up...
Use the word Hollister .In a sentence
by KYLE ECON December 27, 2007
A store where young teens who want to look the same waste all their money. The clothing comes in many different colors but all say the same thing. It is also a store that is technically not designer. Just a wannabe. Teens also think that the clothing is worn by rich people but truth be told real rich people buy clothing that's hundreds or over a thousand dollars like Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, etc.

Hollister is in fact a Low-end chain store.
Jake- "Like dude i'm so rich cuz like i spent $80 dollars on this Hollister sweater."

James-" So what i spent $800 dollars on this trench Jacket at Prada, as well as $200 on this suit at Armani Exchange, and by the way man you look kind of faggish."
by Nacho1898 February 01, 2010

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