A clothing brand worn mostly by pretentious teenagers who have never been to Southern California, let alone gone surfing. Yet somehow, wearing Hollister makes them look "cool" even though they're A)Ugly and/or B)Have bodies that are horribly out of shape.
OMG! That fat chick with the zits looks HAWT in that Hollister top! I gotta shop Hollister so I can be cool just like her!
by Shenehneh August 11, 2008
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A west coast theme store in most malls. Somewhat overpriced but if you like that the things look like very much worth it. Usually very flashy and has 2 sections. It sells more than clothes, most have CDs and magazines, also places to sit and music. A good store for high schoolers and early college students.
"Girl: You like my Hollister polo?
Other girl: Thats Hollister?
Girl: Yea can't you tell?!
Other girl: No your hair was covering up the seagull"
by Queen Of Scott July 02, 2006
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a store for wannabe preps of white sububria, planted in a mall with jeans and pants costing 40+ dollars and my opinion: absoulute disgrace to soceity in which 8yrs+ try to shop at
8yr chick: Hollister is so cute
9 yr chick: yah i got that shirt there that says "hollister" for 50 dollars what a buy!!
by Misha March 30, 2005
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by n00bpwn3d December 19, 2007
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Hollister is an offshot of abercrombie but it think it is better and cheaper because of the quality of clothes at hollister.Its not for gays or preps its for people who like to wear comfortable clothes and look good. it is just a cool place for teens and young adults to buy pre-ripped jeans and cool shirts. Some people dont like it because they are to poor to buy the clothes or to fat to wear them or maybe they want to be 'individual'. I shop there often and i dont think it is too overpriced and if price is a problem than shop clearence, or if thats not good enough go to goodwill. hollister california is a small hick town 50 miles from the nearest beach, so people could dis it if it were based on a hick-town but it is based on Hollister Ranch a surf company. As for the people who go to hollister to buy surf gear um thats not so cool especially if you live in some land-locked state where the closest thing to an ocean is a pond or lake. As for the smell i think its great and alot of girls like the smell also. So for those of you who poke fun of people who wear it why do you say things about it? whats so wrong with it? if you can think of a good reason then share it with the world cuz im open to suggestions. So till you can give me a reason not to ill be shopping at hollister and waiting for a reason that i should not.
Goth kid: Why do you wear hollister you look like everyone else? its realy not cool and i dont know why you wear it.

Cool kid: Sorry im so 'conforming' maybe one day ill be as liked and cool as you and your friends.
by tim1922 November 25, 2006
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A store that posers like to dump on for having style. It is NOT for preps. Look at the definition. Also, sells clothes similar to PacSun and Buckle. And yes, at the same price.
"Ew. look at that girl. SHe's wearing hollister, whatta whore." Give me a break. "ew. look at you. your such a poser."
by Shopaholic_2012 July 10, 2008
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A store where a majority of the shirts simply say Hollister or have the logo on them. In an attempt to make you purchase items, they make it so dark you can't see what you're buying.
Joe: Let's stand out from the crowd by looking like everyone else!
Ted: But where should we shop? Abercrombie and Fitch? American Eagle?
Joe: No silly, Hollister!
Ted: They're so original!
by Confuzled July 10, 2008
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