a guy/girl(mainly girls) that whine and bitch about how hot it is or that their clothes werent expensive enough. These shit-faced whores mainly wear hollister and love hawthorne heights. Male hollister whores are usually gay.
Look at that queer ass hollister whore, makes me motherfucking sick that god allows these people to live
by theamazingbender October 26, 2006
Top Definition
girls that only wears hollister just so ppl will think they are rich. they act sweet and ionncent but when they are around their friends they bitch about everything.they are over emotional and just want to find "true love" and will do anything to find it. they whine if their daddys and mommys wont buy them something, they are so called perfect little girls. but in reality they just act that way to be liked. most of them are straightedges and they only like all the hollister whores they hang with. these girls mainly go for fooyball players and guys who wear hollister. the football players only like them because they think they are easy and the hollister guys usally grow up to be gay.
kelly is such a hollister whore lil bitch
by ASHLYN_ARCiiN December 27, 2007
Hollister whores are girls who like to make out to the rest of the world that they are rich and well off but in reality their parents live off benefits. They aren't rich or posh they just like to think they are. They are usually thick bimbo girls who wishes they lived somewhere like California but in fact they are from a shitty part of the UK like Northampton or Coventry. Their purpose in life is just to try looking pretty and talking about make up and getting drunk and pulling as many guys as possible on a night out. They like to make out like they are innocent and nice but they are in fact bitchy whores. As soon as they are alone in their little bitchy groups they sit around and bitch about each other and everybody else. They rate everybody. And all they care about is looks and clothes and make up.
Kate is Hollister whore.
by i-am-a-slut December 23, 2011
Theses guys wear nothing but hollister and are well... perfect!!! they make great boy friends and always look/smell nice!!!
DUDE!! Check out that Hollister whore!!! He's soo hot!
by Alliey May 14, 2006
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