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An indie rock band from Manotick, CANADA!, who like nachos, and consist of four band members: Jake, Menno, NIXON, and Dean. On a chilly day in November 2009, they won LiVE 88.5's Big Money Shot. They have recently released their first album entitled Record in a Bag. It is pretty sick. It comes in a bag.

Their unique sound can be classified as in-yo-face-intense-duck-in-the-pond-wasp-in-your-bottle-but-it's-okay-because-it's-dead-and-then-we-all-went-to-a-bar-but-you-know-how-those-silly-roosters-crow-and-it-was-all-a-dream-and-deja-vu-ensued-and-then-a-bunch-of-lions-ran-with-the-herd-and-we-just-sat-and-stared-in-amazement.

See awesome, nachos, epic win, and pwned.
Awesome songs by Hollerado include Juliette, Americanarama, Fake Drugs, and Riverside.
by theresjustnobartobefound February 14, 2010
A shot made with equal parts of coffee liqueur and vodka.
On that trip to China, all we drank were low-alcohol-percentage beers and hollerados.
by Mary420 January 03, 2011
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