To take something away or steal something. A drag queen term
I lend you my bra now hollerback my bra
by Candi Darling January 21, 2009
Top Definition
1) Less ghetto version of holla back, meaning to respond to a person at an unspecified later time.
2) To return to your country roots after a period of city living, as in Lost Trailers' song "Holler Back" ("holler" is a country term for a valley, a bastardized version of "hollow").
"If you wanna go on back to the holler, holler back!" -Lost Trailers

After the fifth time Judd had to blow a homeless guy for coke to keep him going through an all-nighter at his terrible I-banking job in New York, he couldn't take it anymore. The next day he packed up his stuff, took a dump on his boss's desk, and hollered back to become a farmer outside his hometown of West Shitville, Oklahoma.
by Nicholas D July 03, 2008

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