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The dorky and clueless way of saying holla at a woadie. Usually used by either of the following two groups of people:

1. Dweebs who are trying to be funny but come off as sounding pretty annoying
2. Oldsters who have no clue
Matt: "Hey Adam, quick change the subject. Mr. Nougat is coming here and he's going to try to be our friend again. Let's talk about something totally uninteresting to him. Like those old POGS or something.

Adam: "Right - so Adam - how about that skullhead psychedelic POG?"

Mr. Nougat: "Hey, bras, what is up in the hooooouuusee!? WESSS SIDE! Holler at a wordy son, ya heeeaaaard me?"

Adam: *wincing* "Ehhe... that's funny."

Matt: "Uhhh... I gotta go. See you guys later."

Adam: "Oh actually I gotta go too. I have an appointment with Mr. ... Tobernacky right now."

Mr. Nougat: "Okeedokee. See ya later, alligator. Ahahaha that's funny right? Right?"
by Adel7 September 02, 2007

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