Sussex University halls, based in Brighton. Right on the seafront. A place of beauty accentuated by a large intake of drugs and cheap wine from Budgens. Inhabitants can often be seen in local hotspots such as the aforementioned Budgens, the Brunswick, Grubbs or most often on the local beach. On mushrooms. Screaming 'the BABYLONS ARE HERE!'. Those who have lived in Holland House see it as a training school for future geniuses and/or hookers. Home to a thousand fantastic quotes.
'I'd go in my mums pubes if it was free!'
'Is this microwave made of organic materials?'
'Cos when you're dead THERE'S NO COMING BACK.'
'I'm going to do so many drugs for my birthday, there's a strong chance I'll die.'
by MollyGenevieve May 12, 2005

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