Now that it's become an accidental cultural phenomenon, does Gwen Stefani even realize how awful a song she wrote?
Let me here you say this shit is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s! THIS SHIT IS BANANAS! B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Terrible.
by Adenia Volkensii June 04, 2005
A word Gwen Stefani made up. And a song. It's a wierd song, mainly since she's white and she's trying to adapt to an african american type style. It's not really working, though. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say the song sucks, or her music.

I just think she is trying way too hard. And she seems to have an obsession with Harajuku.
Um, no. Sorry babe, you're just wierd. She's mixing japanese with african american.

It's nice to mix things up sometimes, but those two.. don't match.
Black Girl: -kicks white girls ass-

Gwen Stefani: OMGHARAJUKU.
Yakuza: *shoots her in the face*
by Tsuki May 12, 2005
hollaback girl - A girl who fights back with her mouth in response to a dude who picked a fight in the first place with the dude's own mouth. A verbal fight of sorts.

Ain't no hollaback girl - a girl who ends fights with her fists in response to a dude who picked a fight in the first place with the dude's own mouth.
My next-door neighbor is a loud mouth, but I ain't no hollaback girl.

In Hollaback Girl, Gwen fights back against a shit-talking dude. She's not responded before to verbal attacks, "been around that track," but not anymore - "so it's not just gonna happen like that." Now she's fighting back.

"Put your pom poms down" - close your open mouth.

I think Gwen also means "shit" both figuratively and literally - the dude is bananas, crazy, for talking shit, but, well, bananas are shaped like what?

This shit is bananas

The chorus and repetition and drums are like a war song chant, with the warrior girls in the car and the troops on the ground heading to the battleground to deal with the shit-talking dude. I kept waiting to see the dude at the end of the music video, and was disappointed he/she didn't turn up. Anyhow I think that the dude probably lives next door to me.
by 2nice May 11, 2005
someone who just echoes the opinions of those who are popular and has no real opinions of their own; someone who rides the wave of someone else's popularity
Vickie and Carla are just hollaback girls for Lisa
by Thighmaster May 11, 2005
Hollaback girl is a booty call.
She's a total Hollaback girl.
by Can'tswag May 09, 2014
Hollaback Girl- a girl trying to redo or go about a same or familiar occurance that they've been through before.
A Hollaback Girl, as Gwen would say shes been around that track, meaning she has done that before.
by hig227 February 28, 2012
A foul disease ridden thing that wears too much makeup to cover up the 47 year old fish-dog
Gwen Stefani was lying to herself when she claimed to not be a hollaback girl.
by ssneakysnake November 04, 2010

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