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1. A term invented by Gwen Stefani that she pulled completely from her vapid blond ass.
2. A song made by Gwen Stefani in which she articulates a love for the consumption of bananas and fecal matter, suggesting that Ms. Stefani is, in the final analysis, actually a hairless, hyperevolved monkey rather than a human.
"Gwen Stefani's song Hollaback Girl is the kind of top 100 song that makes you lose faith in the entire human race all at once."
by President Laura Roslin September 09, 2005
What Gwen Stefani apparently isn't. See sane, normal.
I ain't no hollaback girl
by Mahalis July 13, 2005
A girl that you call for a booty call.
Aw snap dog, I need to hit, let me hollaback at Brandy.
by Doyle M. June 02, 2005
1. a wealthy and attractive woman who seduces rich gentlemen in order to swindle them out of cash

2. a woman who sleeps with a man to rob him in the night and then is never heard from again

3. a girl who likes booty calls
I slept with a classy broad last night. Seems in a most unfortunate turn of events, she was a hollaback girl.

Well when I woke up, half of my sh-t was missing. Guess she was a hollaback girl.

It is universally accepted that in a world with many hollaback girls, Gwen Stefani certainly ain't one
by wi1lywonka June 14, 2011
a black twink in the gay community that tries to sleep with every man. Usually the last person to get some. Will sleep with anyone, especially after a man just got out of a relationship.
"I heard you and him were hookin up tonight" - Gay man 1

"Nah, I ain't sleeping with him after he was making out with that skank" - Gay man 2

"Ah Shit" - Gay man 1

"Girl you know I ain't no Hollaback Girl" - Gay man 2
by allen10234 November 20, 2010
A foul disease ridden thing that wears too much makeup to cover up the 47 year old fish-dog
Gwen Stefani was lying to herself when she claimed to not be a hollaback girl.
by ssneakysnake November 04, 2010
a girl who will let her man rail her from behind, then looks back at him and screams in pleasure.

i don't see a problem with this.
i ain't no hollaback girl.
by grandpafred April 21, 2008