A female of very low peer status due to flawed character. Any peer status is generally presumed to have been attained due to one or more of the following dubious ploys:

1. Lying, spreading rumors, or gossiping about someone behind their back.

2. Responding in a promiscuous manner to "cat calls" or "sleeping around". (Hollering back, or Hollering from her back.)

3. Having wealthy or politically connected parents. ("Hollaback" connotes a wealthy suburb of the city referencing the "Hollywood" neighborhoods of pop culture soap operas like "Beverly Hills 90210", "Melrose Place", "Party of Five", "Dawson's Creek" or "The O.C.".)

Said girl is widely presumed to not have the character to face their accused in good faith or a fair fight.

Due to the popularity of the Gwen Stafani song in 2005 and the general acceptance of suburban white teens it is no longer an exclusively "urban" term and if used will surely identify the user as someone who is hopelessly behind the curve. The only legitimate use of the term as of the summer of 2005 is as about oneself in a self effacing manner to elicit humor or disdain for contemporary pop culture buzzwords or phrases.
Johniqua Kerry would surely have won the election over Georgiqua Bush had she not married into money and been exposed as the hollaback girl candidate by the Swift Boat posse.
by Deegeejay October 13, 2005
A girl that pursues men. He doesn't want to do the work in a relationship with her, he wants to keep things casual with lots of females, so he tries to line up a harem of girls to call (holla at) him. These are his holla back girls.

A girl that does wait for a guy to call her. She is impatient and insecure in the relationship, so if he gives her the slightest attention, chats her up a bit, and then tells her to call him, to "holla back" at him, she obliges happily. He forgets about her otherwise, since he is doing this with lots of girls. She does the work. She hollas back at a guy that gives her any attention at all just because he tells her to.
Jakes sees Michelle at a bar and is meeting his friends, so as he passes her he tells her to "Holla back at a brother" and keeps walking. She thinks he is interested, or else he would not have said that, so starts calling him as soon as she gets home, until she tracks him down. She is one of many girls he casually says this too, and she does whatever he wants for a date. She is a holla back girl.
by PGuzman January 10, 2008
Possibly the most annoying, pointless song ever recorded. Brings Gwen Stefani to an all new low. It actually kills 5 brain cells everytime you sing this sad excuse for a song.
by AuntieTATA August 23, 2005
An attractive girl but not the cream of the crop.
When Tom sees Juile at a club, He hollas at her because she looks good but then when he sees Becky he forgets all about Juile. At the end of the night Becky won't put out so he 'hollas back' at Juile.
by Elle is Great December 03, 2004
A holla back girl is a member of a cheerleading squad who repeats – hollers back - words that the squad leader shouts out to them. For example at a Pep Rally, cheerleaders might shout out “S-P-I-R-I-T” and the squad leader asks “What does that spell?” and the holla back girls respond – hollering back “SPIRIT”. In the context of Gwen Stefani’s song “Hollaback Girl”, the term also refers to a girl who has heard about some guy talking bad about her and she isn’t just going to take it – she is going to be the leader, take charge and put an end to his verbal “cheerleading”.
Gwen Stefani lyrics - "I heard that you were talking sh** And you didn't think that I would hear it. People hear you talking like that, getting everybody fired up So I'm ready to attack, gonna lead the pack. . . . 'Cause I ain't no hollaback girl,I ain't no hollaback girl"
by word detective May 12, 2005
I'm not really sure what it is, but apparently Gwen Stefani isn't one, and it has something to do with bananas.
Gwen Stefani: I ain't no hollaback girl...
by Anejay October 15, 2006
1. A woman who responds to cat-calls
A guy says, "Yo baby! Holla' holla' holla'. Can I holla' at ya'?"

and she says, "Wassup playa'?" or, "Nigga, I ain't no holla' back girl."
by Ellis D. Tripper October 04, 2006
A Cheerleader who hollars in the background which most people ignore. Since you can't ignore Gwen Stefani, she ain't no 'hollaback girl'.
A few times I've been around that track
So it's not just goin' to happen like that
Because I ain't no hollaback girl
I ain't no hollaback girl
by Alex April 11, 2005

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