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A female of very low peer status due to flawed character. Any peer status is generally presumed to have been attained due to one or more of the following dubious ploys:

1. Lying, spreading rumors, or gossiping about someone behind their back.

2. Responding in a promiscuous manner to "cat calls" or "sleeping around". (Hollering back, or Hollering from her back.)

3. Having wealthy or politically connected parents. ("Hollaback" connotes a wealthy suburb of the city referencing the "Hollywood" neighborhoods of pop culture soap operas like "Beverly Hills 90210", "Melrose Place", "Party of Five", "Dawson's Creek" or "The O.C.".)

Said girl is widely presumed to not have the character to face their accused in good faith or a fair fight.

Due to the popularity of the Gwen Stafani song in 2005 and the general acceptance of suburban white teens it is no longer an exclusively "urban" term and if used will surely identify the user as someone who is hopelessly behind the curve. The only legitimate use of the term as of the summer of 2005 is as about oneself in a self effacing manner to elicit humor or disdain for contemporary pop culture buzzwords or phrases.
Johniqua Kerry would surely have won the election over Georgiqua Bush had she not married into money and been exposed as the hollaback girl candidate by the Swift Boat posse.
by Deegeejay October 13, 2005
14 6
A girl with no personal strength, i.e., 'no spine'. Hollaback is slang for 'hollow back', which refers to being weak or figuratively having no spine.
In Gwen's song she says she aint no hollaback girl, she's saying she's going to stand up to her accuser.
by Mr. Smartypants November 06, 2005
5 11
A girl who looks for trouble; be it a fight, shop lifting or a booty call with a bad boy.
Jake grinned. "Give me a holla, but don't let Tina know." Kelly rolled her eyes. "I'm not a hollaback, Jake."
by SGTJames June 30, 2005
16 22
A girl who responds to anyone who hollas, be it a threat or an invitation!
I'm not going to ****'s house tonight just because he called, cause I ain't no hollaback girl!
I heard **** was talking shit about me but I'm not even responding, cause I ain't no hollaback girl!
by A. Blue May 08, 2005
9 15
girl that dont take no shit from no one
girl that dont talk back she gets in fights hollaback girl
by Easa July 18, 2006
2 9
when a boy dumps a girl and then tries to get her back is a hollaback
when john dumped becky, the later saw her at the club hew tried to hook up with her, but she rejected him because she aint no hollaback girl
by kellizzle forizzle September 17, 2005
3 10
A "hollaback girl" (or boy depending on the case), is a slang term used to describe a certain physical malady that afflicts about 2% of the teenage American population (who cares about the rest of the world anyway). Hollow Back, or Hollaback as it's come to be known, is a serious and painful fusing of the lower 15 to 20 vertebrae. This "locking up of the back" causes a serious deformity of the lower back that when viewed from the side, creates a cave-like or almost hollow appearance to the lower back.

If hollaback is neglected, the curves may progress dramatically, creating significant physical deformity and even cardiopulmonary problems with especially severe curves. Currently, hollaback is treated successfully by special braces, electrical stimulation, surgery, or by combinations of these three techniques. Strangely enough, a side effect of Hollaback, is long and cylindrical shaped feces - much like a banana.

So when Gwen says that "this shit is bananas" she is dead on and knows her hollaback.
That ugly girl, with that smear of shit on her leg, has hollaback and is a good candidate for hollaback surgery.
by MonkeyPiePdx August 23, 2005
8 15
a woman who is physically weak-is sometimes used as a sexual put down as well as a put down for fluffy girly girls. or women who don't do physical labor (very old southern term)

talkers. want to say HI when they really are talking behind your back. couldn't bust a grape in a food fight.
2b. sexual playmates who are better than booty calls. They will let you hit it, make you breakfast and won't contact you until you contact them.
1. They considered having Stacy help with the moving if she wasn't such a hollaback.

2a. Liz, far from a Holla back girl, walked up to Stacy and hit her with a beer bottle when Stacy spoke to her.

2b. He knew that Stella would be available no matter what time he called her-she loved being his holla back girl.
by souldeepsista May 30, 2005
22 29