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Possibly the most annoying, pointless song ever recorded. Brings Gwen Stefani to an all new low. It actually kills 5 brain cells everytime you sing this sad excuse for a song.
by AuntieTATA August 23, 2005
A hollaback girl is a girl that is somewhat of a tramp. Shes the girl that you see walking down the street in a skimpy shirt and when guys drive by, they "holla" at her. A hollaback girl by definition, then proceeds to "hollaback". After the Hollaback, she'll "hop in" the guys car.
Usually these girls are girls that are not popular because of their class or sophistication, but because they "put out".
Mike: Shes been around that track Joe, shes not just gonna hop in like that.
Joe: Why not?
Mike: Cuz she aint no hollaback girl.
by Gavdawg June 29, 2005
someone who verbally fights back as opposed to physically.
In Gwen Stefani's song "hollaback girl," she says that "i ain't no hollaback girl" meaning that she prefers to physically resolve a fight instead of just fighting verbally.
by mountaindewgreen May 14, 2005
A song that Gwen Stefani wrote and taught the world how to spell bananas.
Let me hear you say this shit is bananas
(This shit is bananas)

This shit is bananas
(This shit is bananas)

Congratulations Gwen, now everyone knows how to spell bananas
by AbbieAnnK August 11, 2005
Somthing that Gwen Stefani IS.

No real songwriter would mistakenly use a double negative so we can only assume that she means she actually is a "hollaback girl".
"I ain't no hollaback girl"
by Road Rage 16 June 06, 2005
A Chickenhead who will Holla back to anyone who holla's at her.
LaFonda is a Hollaback girl, cause she's easy like Sunday Morning....
by Kip Dynamite April 13, 2005
A girl that pursues men. He doesn't want to do the work in a relationship with her, he wants to keep things casual with lots of females, so he tries to line up a harem of girls to call (holla at) him. These are his holla back girls.

A girl that does wait for a guy to call her. She is impatient and insecure in the relationship, so if he gives her the slightest attention, chats her up a bit, and then tells her to call him, to "holla back" at him, she obliges happily. He forgets about her otherwise, since he is doing this with lots of girls. She does the work. She hollas back at a guy that gives her any attention at all just because he tells her to.
Jakes sees Michelle at a bar and is meeting his friends, so as he passes her he tells her to "Holla back at a brother" and keeps walking. She thinks he is interested, or else he would not have said that, so starts calling him as soon as she gets home, until she tracks him down. She is one of many girls he casually says this too, and she does whatever he wants for a date. She is a holla back girl.
by PGuzman January 10, 2008
An attractive girl but not the cream of the crop.
When Tom sees Juile at a club, He hollas at her because she looks good but then when he sees Becky he forgets all about Juile. At the end of the night Becky won't put out so he 'hollas back' at Juile.
by Elle is Great December 03, 2004