Possibly the most annoying, pointless song ever recorded. Brings Gwen Stefani to an all new low. It actually kills 5 brain cells everytime you sing this sad excuse for a song.
by AuntieTATA August 23, 2005
A term that Gwen Stefani apparently just made the fuck up and tries to pass on as regular slang.
Ohh look at me I'm Gwen Stefani blah blah blah blah HOLLABACK GIRL blah blah blah
by FoxyDirtyPantsGrandma April 24, 2005
The titular term Hollaback Girl of Gwen Stefani's former number one single features original urbanization of cheerleading vernacular.

In cheer, the head cheerleader performs the act of "hollering" while leading the cheers; the lesser members of the squad "holler back," repeating the cheer.

Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" urbanizes the "holler/holler back" dichotomy of the cheerleading squad in a snub to Courtney Love. Love derisively referred to Stefani as a "cheerleader," and Stefani's response was to write the song, which is essentially a repetitious cheer as a sort of "fuck you" to Love.

Her urbanization is misplaced, however, because "to holla" connotes entirely different meanings from what Stefani intends, including speech acts of solidarity between in-group members, general speech acts intended to generate dialogue with a potential sex-partner/mate, and others.
"Gwen is apparently the captain of the cheerleader squad; she is the girl who 'hollas' the chants, not one of the girls who simply 'hollas' them back." (see the OC Register)

"Are you the cheer captain?"
"No, I'm a 'Hollaback Girl.'"
by King Mongo November 20, 2005
A girl that a man calls irregularly, whenever it is convienient for him. A girl that a man feels that he can call, stop calling and then start calling whenever he feels like it. She is someone who is there for a booty call or to chill when a man is bored or between girlfriends. He HOLLAS back at her and she responds by being there for him and accepting whatever she can get from him.
A man gets a woman's number, they go out a couple of times have sex, and then he stops calling her. He then calls her a month later for a booty call, and they have sex that night. He calls her 2 months after that, and she accepts his lame excuse for not calling, and they get together again. The man takes advantage of the fact that this woman likes him, and will happily accept his irregular calls. He identifies this woman as a holla back girl that he can holla back at whenever he is in her area, bored or horny.
by Tasi June 05, 2006
Word Gwen made up to drive us B-A-N-A-N-A-S trying to figure out what it means.
gwen: Hey i have an idea... i will make up a word that nobody really knows the meaning of and put it in a song and try to make people figure out what it means. it will drive them bananas. oh! I should put that in the song too!!
by Bubbles_r_shiney May 01, 2005
i'm not really sure what it means but apparently Gwen Stefani isn't one and it has something to do with bananas.
by DILLEOWN August 30, 2005
According to Cleveland of the show Family Guy

"I don't know what a hollaback girl is, but I have to imagine it's a foul, disease ridden thing, that wears to much makeup to cover up the fact that it's a 47 year old fish-dog."
To this day, I have no idea what that woman was singing about. Like literally, no idea. I don't know what a hollaback girl is, but....
by clevelandsayz July 27, 2009
The term "Hollaback Girl" has an obscure yet thoroughly documented etymology. In the mid-1920s, P. Quincy Hollaback was a well-to-do gadabout in East Rutherford, N.J. Quincy was was a standard fixture at speakeasies, burlesque shows, cock fights, bull fights, gimp races, and dwarf tosses all over the tri-state area. (He was legendary in his refusal to attend paraplegic wrestling.) And while he often drank to excess and carried on a tad bit, his five female companions were always properly composed and ever so chaste. These "Hollaback Girls," as they came to be known, could often be seen carting Quincy off in a wheelbarrow, or strapping his ankles to a passing buggy to be dragged away for a good night's rest. When he'd pee himself, they blotted his trousers with dignity and aplomb.

A "Hollaback Girl" thus came to describe a woman of high virtue. However, the meaning took an ironic turn in the early 1970's when Elton John, out one night being a "naughty Johnny," began referring to himself as a Hollaback girl. According to Sol Belzer (my leasing agent, whom I can recommend heartily), the term has since come to mean "a girl who will bend over for just about anyone or anything, particularly if it involves the pooper." Sol saved me $$$ in '05.
Q: How can I be sure that Anna Niccole Smith is the world's biggest hollaback girl?

A: Because of scientists.
by Thaddeus E. Bergamuffin February 13, 2006
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