Possibly the most annoying, pointless song ever recorded. Brings Gwen Stefani to an all new low. It actually kills 5 brain cells everytime you sing this sad excuse for a song.
by AuntieTATA August 23, 2005
a woman who is physically weak-is sometimes used as a sexual put down as well as a put down for fluffy girly girls. or women who don't do physical labor (very old southern term)

talkers. want to say HI when they really are talking behind your back. couldn't bust a grape in a food fight.
2b. sexual playmates who are better than booty calls. They will let you hit it, make you breakfast and won't contact you until you contact them.
1. They considered having Stacy help with the moving if she wasn't such a hollaback.

2a. Liz, far from a Holla back girl, walked up to Stacy and hit her with a beer bottle when Stacy spoke to her.

2b. He knew that Stella would be available no matter what time he called her-she loved being his holla back girl.
by souldeepsista May 30, 2005
What Gwen Stefani is not.
2. Girls who often do not make the cut in the hotty line-up.
1. Listen to "hollabakc girl" on the LAMB album.
2. Dana was cute, but Lisa was hott, but lisa was taken, so Joe settled with Dana.
by JoDee March 13, 2005
It's an expression meaning to telephone someone. If a guy tells a girl in passing to "holla back", he's looking to get with her. If the girl calls she is a "hollaback girl".
I'll wait for the guy to call me, I aint no holla back girl.
by T-Byrd March 16, 2006
A fat black/ghetto girl, although sometimes a shemale that's really loud.
"That Shaniquah girl's a hollaback girl!"
by Tyr September 22, 2005
Something that Gwen Stefani, apparently, ain't.
I ain't no hollaback girl, but I am a creepy white girl who desperately wants to be Japanese!
by tramr July 06, 2005
Girls that puts up on the first date -she doesn't need a second or third date-.
Do take her to the track!... She 'aint no hollaback girl.
by hidden_here June 04, 2005
Someone that Gwen Stefani is not.
A few times I’ve been around that track. So it’s not just gonna to happen like that. Because I ain’t no HOLLABACK GIRL. I ain’t no HOLLABACK GIRL.
by oshean May 08, 2005

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