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1. the male equivalent of a hollaback girl.
2. a guy who easily gives into sexual persuasion.
3. a guy who makes booty calls.
4. easy
"Dang, that hollaback boy was good last night."
#easy #hollaback girl #booty call #gigalo #manwhore
by Tanni February 15, 2007
A guy that sits around waiting for a chick to call for his services. Most of the time this guy is not worth dating but can be used to satisfy certain urges.
My date didn't give it up so I called Todd my holla back boy to satisfy my needs.
by fnl4 April 14, 2005
A guy who you would never WANT to end up with, but could see yourself settling for. The male form of hollaback girl.
Kathy, stop talkin to that hollaback boy on the bus! He's 30 and still has braces!
by The Wangsta July 27, 2005
Something Gabe Saporta ain't.
'Cause I ain't your hollaback boy, I ain't your hollaback boy.
#hollaback #boy #gabe #saporta #cobra #starship
by HavoDadLegolas August 16, 2010
A sexy Jewish kid nmed Josh Simons.
Same definition of a hollaback girl, but in guy form
Josh is a hollaback boy
by Jdawg April 07, 2005
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