a black twink in the gay community that tries to sleep with every man. Usually the last person to get some. Will sleep with anyone, especially after a man just got out of a relationship.
"I heard you and him were hookin up tonight" - Gay man 1

"Nah, I ain't sleeping with him after he was making out with that skank" - Gay man 2

"Ah Shit" - Gay man 1

"Girl you know I ain't no Hollaback Girl" - Gay man 2
by allen10234 November 20, 2010
A foul disease ridden thing that wears too much makeup to cover up the 47 year old fish-dog
Gwen Stefani was lying to herself when she claimed to not be a hollaback girl.
by ssneakysnake November 04, 2010
a girl who will let her man rail her from behind, then looks back at him and screams in pleasure.

i don't see a problem with this.
i ain't no hollaback girl.
by grandpafred April 21, 2008
seems as though Gwen Stefani has had some incidents in which another young, presumably female, individual has made some disparaging remarks about her character. Upon learning of the situation, Gwen Stefani is informing this “culprit” that she intends to handle this matter physically. Gwen Stefani’s character is such that she is not the type of person who counters verbal attacks with verbal attacks, or “hollering back.” Using terminology that is commonplace among today’s youth, this is shortened to “hollaback.” Additionally, it appears as though this altercation will take place somewhere near the bleachers.

LYRICS:Uh huh, this is my shit
All the girls stomp your feet like this

A few times I've been around that track
So it's not just gonna to happen like that
Because I ain't no hollaback girl
I ain't no hollaback girl

Ooooh ooh, this my shit, this my shit.
There ain't no Hollaback Girl. Ain't no Hollaback Girl.
by BABI GURL 4 LIFE July 14, 2006
Misunderstood phrase Gwen Stefani's song. What she really means in Hollywood Fat Girl. Apparently, in the song, some gossiping cheerleader called her a horizontally challenged girl who was a total Hollywood star. Actually, it was Courtney Love, who in real life announced something which got Gwen Stefani's attention. So Courtney must've called Gwen a fatso or something.
Bob: Courtney Love called Gwen a Hollywood Fat Girl.
George: But she ain't no Hollaback Girl.
Bob: I said Hollywood Fat Girl.
Fred: Anyone who calls Gwen fat is dead.
George: But you know she ain't no Hollywood Fat Girl.
Bob: Of course shes not. She's been around that track a few times.
George: She must've lost a couple of pounds then, running around a huge track.
by jackelynne May 12, 2006
a follower; in cheerleading the other chix that yell back what the captian yells to them.
"I ain't no hollaback girl" ~ Gwen Stefani.
by gLORii April 24, 2006
whatever it is, Gwen Stefani is not one.
I ain't no hollaback girl.
Lets go Harajuko girls!
by jaminator March 29, 2006

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