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holla can be said to say by or it could be the last word in an arugment to end it.
girl 1. u are soooooooooo retared u dorke

girl2. u can shut up just cuz i need help in school dont make me retard u slut ass whore holla!!!!!!!!
by syl June 27, 2005
5 23
Something a person says when he or she wants to look like a total asshat.
I am extremely ignorant and therefore use the term holla
by sassy mc frassy March 13, 2003
70 88
a 5 dollar bag of marijuana(pot, weed, bud, herb, ganja)
usually weighs about a gram or a gram and a half, at least enough to roll a nice cigarillo (preferably swisher sweet)
1. Hey lemme get a holla real quick
2. I just picked up a holla, so who's buyin the shell?
by reeferchiefer November 30, 2005
13 33
i got a dollar who needs 50 cent
jay z
by jis July 08, 2003
11 31
to return a disrespect
lets go holla at that clown
by FRANK March 23, 2005
8 30
Theodore Long's favorite word.
Let me holla at chya playa
by Matthew Fisher January 24, 2004
6 29
"holla! fuck u, holla!"
a hella stoopid (funny) way 2 clown or cap on sum1 at school, on the street, in traffic, whatever
bronx, 2002
u can say:
(they look)
fuck u, holla!"
by YoungCali August 26, 2003
2 25