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hit up a niggas phone.
Holla At Me Later
by DeVonTheDucer July 28, 2003
1. Great joy; pride. 2. Hey; hi; word?
Holla! What's up?
by Karalala May 27, 2003
A hello, greeting, or farwell and anyone who thinks otherwise is a bitatch
Hey Janel Holla
by calitrack14 February 12, 2003
1)meaning to talk to someone or telling somebody to hit u up later
2)an obnoxious exclaimation
1) i'll holla at you lata!
2)anyone who says "holla!" should be severely injured
by ¤bondagefairie¤ August 02, 2003
It's hello, but cooler.
by Holla Back! January 26, 2003
to eat fish on a daily basis during the warm winter snow fall.
holla at yo boy.
yo dawg, i be hollering right now.
by setonioboy March 05, 2005
holla can be said to say by or it could be the last word in an arugment to end it.
girl 1. u are soooooooooo retared u dorke

girl2. u can shut up just cuz i need help in school dont make me retard u slut ass whore holla!!!!!!!!
by syl June 27, 2005