to eat fish on a daily basis during the warm winter snow fall.
holla at yo boy.
yo dawg, i be hollering right now.
by setonioboy March 05, 2005
1. End a conversation
2. A yell or scream or shout ( or i think that is holler )
1. Holla Holla Playa
2. Ok first one to find him holla
by Pure Evil March 27, 2005
holla can be said to say by or it could be the last word in an arugment to end it.
girl 1. u are soooooooooo retared u dorke

girl2. u can shut up just cuz i need help in school dont make me retard u slut ass whore holla!!!!!!!!
by syl June 27, 2005
Something a person says when he or she wants to look like a total asshat.
I am extremely ignorant and therefore use the term holla
by sassy mc frassy March 13, 2003
Hello in spanish
- How do you say Hello, how are you? in spanish
- I think, Holla, ¿como estan tu?
by bush_is_pussy August 05, 2010
an amazing phrase. first used by rappers, now used by almost any teenager you come across. most used to tell someone that youll see them later, or call them. also a shortened form of holla back
Yo boo, I'll holla at you later.

Peace G, I gotsta go, holla.
by one hot red head August 12, 2005
a 5 dollar bag of marijuana(pot, weed, bud, herb, ganja)
usually weighs about a gram or a gram and a half, at least enough to roll a nice cigarillo (preferably swisher sweet)
1. Hey lemme get a holla real quick
2. I just picked up a holla, so who's buyin the shell?
by reeferchiefer November 30, 2005

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