v. to contact or communicate with, esp. after a long absence of communication
"I holla at my friends when it's time to hook it up at Lyon's."
by Boomer December 15, 1999
a word used by people who don't knoow how to spell the word "holler" correctly.
"I use the word "holla" because I'm protesting against people who actually know how to spell."
by D-Shiznit June 03, 2005
1. End a conversation
2. A yell or scream or shout ( or i think that is holler )
1. Holla Holla Playa
2. Ok first one to find him holla
by Pure Evil March 27, 2005
1. simply a synonym for "yes"
2. a greeting
3. verification of an event
4. to express sadness and or disbeleif
5. to express intrigue
1. -Are you going to eat that?
2. Holla john, how have you been?
3. -You going to the party, it'll be hoppin?
-holla wouldnt miss it. fer real.
4. -Yo, Ben Aflec and J.Lo spilt up, dog.
-Holla, thats wack.
5. -During my club hopping, last Thursday, i learned some fun facts on the over population of china!
-Holla bacc, tell me more.
by Megan Bednarz June 21, 2004
a word that should definitelly be banned from use.
holla at cha kid son dog word up yo to the house bra
by Grannas January 16, 2004
A phrase used to either talk to a female, contact someone or say goodbye. It's also known that many young urban people say this word frequently.
So, you want me to holla back? Okay then...

by ??? June 07, 2003
to get at or attempt to make conversation with a female
sup baby girl, can i holla?
by breks one February 17, 2003

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