To greet, to say hello, what's up?
Shout me a holla when you get there.
by xebra881 January 26, 2004
just look up ja rule duets.
by holllllllaaaaa April 15, 2003
slang fo' HOLLER!
"holla back youngin!" or u can say "HOLLER back young one!
by Anonymous March 31, 2003
1. simply a synonym for "yes"
2. a greeting
3. verification of an event
4. to express sadness and or disbeleif
5. to express intrigue
1. -Are you going to eat that?
2. Holla john, how have you been?
3. -You going to the party, it'll be hoppin?
-holla wouldnt miss it. fer real.
4. -Yo, Ben Aflec and J.Lo spilt up, dog.
-Holla, thats wack.
5. -During my club hopping, last Thursday, i learned some fun facts on the over population of china!
-Holla bacc, tell me more.
by Megan Bednarz June 21, 2004
a word that should definitelly be banned from use.
holla at cha kid son dog word up yo to the house bra
by Grannas January 16, 2004
see ya later; talk to you next time; trying to pick up men/women
Wassup witcha girl? Ain't she gonna holla at me today?
by INGRIIDDDDDDDDD December 10, 2003
To shout out or communicate with
when you know where youre going - Holla at yo boy
by e-doawb November 19, 2003

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