want to have sexual relationship with a girl or boy
I would holla at Rita because I believe she is fine.
by LilSoriano July 08, 2011
loud laughing sure to pierce somebodies eardrums
if the lowery's hear some funny they scream "im about to holla" , then laugh.
by bigred_chewme April 19, 2012
a term defining what you are about to do which is loud laughing that will sure to pierce your eardrums but is so contagious you join in
when the lowery's laugh you are to hear one of them scream "im bout to holla" then laugh extremely loud.
by bigred_noriding April 19, 2012
1)Another way of saying yay
2)A way of ecnoigment
1: Holla! BABES! YOU GOT 100%

by justsoyouknowthat... June 19, 2009
Hello in spanish
- How do you say Hello, how are you? in spanish
- I think, Holla, ¿como estan tu?
by bush_is_pussy August 05, 2010
an amazing phrase. first used by rappers, now used by almost any teenager you come across. most used to tell someone that youll see them later, or call them. also a shortened form of holla back
Yo boo, I'll holla at you later.

Peace G, I gotsta go, holla.
by one hot red head August 12, 2005
to get back to some one, to say hello
I'll see you later, holla at me.
(when you see some one you know) holla, at ya dog.
by night owl May 18, 2006

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